Helping multi-talented entrepreneurs, creatives and intuitives to thrive in life and business by aligning with the genius in their shadows (i.e the Ego)

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I call myself the Ego Whisperer

because meeting with my fear-ridden, shadowy Ego back in 1999 was a turning-point in me understanding and loving myself, and my relationship with her has provided me with such deep wisdom and compassion for myself.

By seeing the world from the view-point of my Ego, my eyes were opened to the organized rejection and expulsion and hence excruciating pain that we inflict on this essential part of ourselves, and in accepting, embracing and loving my Ego, I have not only healed myself and felt more complete in my self-love, but a whole new world has opened up where I have discovered the wisest, most capable, fierce ally within my own being.

I believe that loving, understanding and accepting our Ego’s for what they were created for; Being our Earthly guide in this human life (making sure we go through everything we previously planned to experience here on earth), is not only necessary for thriving in this life, it is in fact our main assignment and ultimate goal for our human journey!

We need to accept, love and embody our Ego, because she is our human self, and none of our spiritual bypass mechanisms can replace her - our human soul.

I also call myself the Business Priestess

because I came here to be and serve entrepreneurs, intuitives, artists and creatives. I also wholeheartedly believe that we came here to earth to be fully, 100% human, not to ascend and live lives futilely striving towards becoming something we are not. Our nature as human beings, is the polarity of our animal nature as well as the divine (and for most of us intuitive empaths, the last one is far easier to accept).

I believe in descension, not ascension.


I believe in going inwards and down, not outwards and up.


I believe that there is nothing evil, shameful or wrong in any part of ourselves, our shadows or Ego.


I am here to be the voice that whispers:


You can trust yourself completely!

You can trust your Ego!

You can trust life!

You can even trust the darkness and the pain.

I also call myself the Business Priestess because I serve no external deity or being. I serve YOU, and I serve unconditionality (and I may have made that word up ;)) I serve that deep wisdom that lives in your heart. That calls from your bones and is entangled in your DNA. I absolutely believe that you have everything you need right there inside yourself. You can't love all of you – unconditionally - if you don't love your Ego. And you can't love all of you if you resist parts of you – if you don't trust it, don't respect it.

And I am here to hold space for, respect and trust every part of Your glorious, human, messy Self. 

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My story

My own journey to full healing from a bi-polar diagnosis, being chronically depressed, anxious and exhausted to a living a sustainable and rich life in deep connection, joy and beauty, was both as simple and "impossible" as calling home all those parts of myself that I was taught were dark or sinful. As I was holding space for ALL that I was with patience and compassion, I was showing my Ego what love was. And she started surrendering, started transforming from a fearful, shadowy Self into my most powerful, trusted ally.


There was nothing but love in the shadows! There was nothing but those parts of me I didn't love. But love transformed it all, little by little.


I see you and I bow to you in gratitude for your presence here on earth, and want to remind you that you are just the way you should be, and you are right where you are supposed to be...

Right here.

In this very moment.

Definition of ‘whisperer’

: a person who excels at calming or training hard-to-manage animals using noncoercive methods based especially on an understanding of the animals’ natural instincts.
— Merriam-webster disctionary