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The Lunar

Zero Point

Spaciousness Journey



The Lunar Zero Point Spaciousness is a three month journey of a monthly online Zero space session with Priestess Line Neesgaard.


Every month you will be sent a link to a powerful session where

We connect to this sacred field where you have all the space you need. And as you regularly connect to the white space of being and plug into the intelligent field of Zero, you are giving yourself the greatest gift. It's the gift of time, a gift of being, a gift of respecting and meeting yourself in a totally new way.


Some results you may get from connecting to the Zero Point Spaciousness:

- Re-membering who you are

- Reconnecting to your own inner wisdom and love

- A reset of overwhelm, pressure and stress

- Your Self will thrive and trusting fuller and reconnecting to life with ease and joy

- A sacred homecoming to your Self where you also plug into the powers of the Universe

- Clarity and truth of existence

- More creativity, more energy, more stamina








The Structure

The very powerful, metamorphic structure of The Zero Point Spaciousness is as follows:

1) We connect to the Zero point space

3) I read and realign your energy, and deliver what messages your Spirit-team or your higher Self brings to you.

3) Connecting with your higher Self or Soul


In the end of 2017, I was lead to start connecting to the potential creation ground and sacred space of the Zero field. Connecting to the Zero space for the first time, to me felt like trust-diving into nothingness. Experiencing the huge un-structured expance of freedom and stillness, was mindblowing and very unfamiliar, but for the very first time, I had a vision of my inner child playing and laughing in all that whiteness. To me that was a huge sign and wake-up; If she needed this space to be happy and free, I knew there was something important here. So I kept connecting, kept going back every day during my meditations to experience that vast expance of potentiality.

As a multi-sensory, compassionate and creative psychic, exhaustion, overwhelm and depression was a part of my life for many years and I had kind of accepted that it was an unaviodable part of my journey. But as I daily connected to Zero space, I discovered I was able to use this field as a re-set for myself, holding myself in a spaciousness of no pressure, vitality and freedom. My life changed. And even though my intentions for connecting to Zero space was taking the pressure of, letting myself go and create a space for myself with no expectations, no responsibilities and no goals; I discovered that the deeper I went into this white space of stillness and potentiality, the more energy I had, and the deeper I was able to go into my daily life creating and meeting my other responsibilities. It was as if a pendulum was swinging; I received the exact opposite spectrum in addition to allowing myself to only BE in Zero space.


Zero space as I know it, is about

- connecting to the profound potentiality of the universe

- the field of intelligent Love

- experiencing a vast field of absolutely unconditional love and acceptance

- timeless beingness

- limitless energy and creativity

- holding yourself in a healing space of no pressure, no judging, no figuring out or changing

- the sacred field of origin and NOW



Line neesgaard's CREDO

You are a powerful, eternal being of LOVE

You chose to have a human experience to expand consciousness towards greater love and wisdom

Therefore everything you go through, at the core, is motivated by a profound longing for more love and expansion, because this is the truth about who you are and the truth about humanity

You have everything you need inside you

If you are confused, unhappy or feel lost, you simply need to remember who you are! To connect back into your own wisdom and source of Love

LOVE is not only the highest of all powers, but in truth the only one.
Everything we experience and that may appear as dark, painful or less-than-love, at the core is only about love and love is the alpha and omega of
all there is, and everything comes from and reverts back to love.

All pain in different forms come from believing and acting from untruths about your Self and life, therefore pain will vanish and transmute when you start seeing the truth about your Self and life again

Both darkness and light are powerful ignitors of expansion and are equally sacred.

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