An exclusive one-day-haven of Self-Love to magically connect to and celebrate ALL of you

To be able to live a truly authentic, joyful and connected life here on earth, we must first connect to, then accept, and lastly celebrate ALL parts of ourself. These are the components of Self-Love. For the woman who wants to experience loving and celebrating herself, the virtual True Woman - True Goddess™ one-day Haven is created with three Sacred Circles or ceremonies, that connects, unites and balances the landscape of your inner Self, for your Authentic Self to appear. You can't love yourself if you don't know yourself. You can't love yourself if you don't consciously honor and celebrate ALL of yourself.

The True Woman - True Goddess™ one-day Haven, is an entire day intensive where you get to work one-on-one with Miracle Maker & Mystic Mentor Line Neesgaard. The body of the three Sacred ceremonies form a system that Line channeled and worked with during 2015, and that totally turned her own life around. After having struggled to love and accept herself for most of her adult life, she experienced personally how the three specific ceremonies of the True Woman - True Goddess™ haven creates not only an efficient, but a beautiful and magical portal into actually and explicitly loving and celebrating all that is you.

You don't have to wait until you feel it - you can consciously love yourself by performing certain actions

Even though the system consists of three very specific ceremonies, they are - during the True Woman - True Goddess™ one-day Haven - completely and intuitively customized for your personal needs and situation, as your Miracle Maker & Mystic Mentor on-goingly is reading your energy and situation, and creating the ceremonies around what you need in the now. For a complete description and explaination of the program, please book a totally free and no-strings-attached Discovery-session


What clients say about it:

Sacred Circle MINI 2.jpg

"Completely grounding and like entering a new reality!"

"This beautiful series of rituals has been amazing for me. What remained was a sense of a great accomplishment. I managed to reconnect with two opposites that I needed to form a whole. The rituals were beautiful, relaxing and inspiring. It helped a lot to use the INFINITE oils as they now serve me great to recreate the experience and connection with my Earth Child and Higher Self."

"It has given me so much clarity and peace in my everyday!"

The two first rituals of the True Woman - True Goddess™ intensive, each connecting to different parts of ourselves, create - just like the two circles in the Vesica piscis - a totally new opening or portal where the two circles intersect. This new Portal, is the gate into actualizing the Goddess Consciousness in yourself. And actualizing the Goddess Consciousness is realizing your Authentic Self: Discovering, experiencing and loving all parts of you! 

Line Neesgaard says:

We are not only Human - we are all Divine beings incarnated into this 3D world for very specific reasons.

I also clearly see that our humanity is not in any way inferior to being Divine, and even though the human aspect of ourselves seem to be the most challenging one for us to accept, it is also the most gratifying part to work with because it will make us feel so much more at home, grounded and centered as human beings here on earth.


This magical VIP haven is all about TRANSFORMATION and RESULTS.

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Line Neesgaard says:

What if I told you that in only a few intense hours your life could be completely turned around? That you effortlessly, softly and joyfully can connect to your inner Goddess, feel at peace and get to focus on what feels juicy and completely exciting to you? Would you believe me?

What if I told you that you can have a Treasure-Chest of 3 gorgeous, natural Sacred oils that will help you create this transformation, and that I will be there with you as your guide to celebrate during three Sacred Circles where we invite the Divine and create awesome miracles together? What would that be worth to you?

This is a day which is nurturing, energizing, centering and grounding!

This is a day of laughter, of tears, of going deep.

A day of profound insights, of connection and fellowship!


Included in the True Woman - True Goddess™ haven, is a completely
magical Treasure-Chest consisting of:

  1. Three 3ml bottles alchemical Sacred Oils
  2. Three unique Crystals for charging during the ceremonies and keeping as a reminder and energizing tool after the retreat
  3. A mini energy-clearing Smudging-spray
  4. Three hand-dipped ceremonial candles with corresponding colors for the three Sacred Circles
  5. Three Prosperity Activation MP3's - music and meditation transmissions with uniquely composed music created for infusing the energy of prosperity, healing and love into your journey.


As digital downloads:

  1. A complete and specific program for the entire day including the specifics of the three Sacred Oils you receive for the three Circle ceremonies.
  2. Three inspirational cards, one for each Circle ceremony, with information, beautiful pictures, words and affirmations for the different themes.
  3. Two beautifully designed cards with channeled, powerful invocations / prayers that will ground you, infuse you with power and connect you to the Divine in the Universe and yourself, and will be used during the intensive haven.
  4. A complete list of items you need for the True Woman - True Goddess™ one-day Haven. 


After the ceremonies:

  • Three completely personalized PDF's one for each ceremony,  with affirmations and mindful notes of the new insights and wisdom gained during the rituals.
  • A gorgeous, frameable Certificate for recognizing your important work, and reminding you of continuous celebration of your beautiful Self, when the intensive haven is completed!


What clients say about it:

"Sacred work to the core, rewarding and groundbreaking",
"As an immediate effect I have noticed a major improvement in my tarot reading accuracy. My senses are sharper and my intuitive nature is coming out of the closet for sure. Thank you again for this valuable and amazing experience!"


My Core beliefs


You have all it takes inside you.

I am only here to remind you of that.

I am here to remind you of who you truly are.

I am here to support you and connect you with your Authentic Self

I am here as a gate into the Divine – into YOU –

I am simply the Doulah or the Sacred midwife aiding you in your sacred birth!

vector_watercolor SMALL.jpg

I am not putting anything in you, transferring anything

or applying onto you something that is not already there!



The actual date is decided after your booking. Times are available both during weekends and on weekdays for the retreat.



Full Payment: $2250

Or four monthly payments of $589


How this works:


Every week a few discovery sessions are open for the True Woman - True Goddess™ intensive retreat. If you feel that your heart longs for this kind of connection, we invite you to book a completely FREE and no-strings-attached 45-minutes discovery session by clicking on the button under. During the discovery session we go through the details of the program, you can ask your questions, and you can have a deeper feel for the intensive and whether it's the right thing for you to do at this time.

If you have any questions you want to ask before you book the discovery-session, you can contact us here.