the Premium

Caterpillar to Butterfly

mentorship program


The Universe is loving and generous and supports everything
I allow myself to desire and allow into my life!


A 90 days adventure of transformation & empowerment

that is THREE full months - of Sacred space, conversations, mentoring and alchemical tools in form of Spiritual readings and specifically chosen Sacred Oils for your Butterfly wings to unfold and your Miracles to manifest in your life.



This is the truth I am truly passionate about reminding you of, get and live from, and I have put together the

Premium 90 Days Caterpillar to Butterfly Mentorship Program

to give you support in getting it, getting there and having nourishment, love and celebration on the way!


Are you ready to open up to all the Universe has to give for you?

Are you ready to open up for intense, essential Divine connection, support and nourishment?

Are you ready to immediately start creating amazing miracles and feel like the God/dess you are?

In that case; read on!


The Premium 90 Days Caterpillar to Butterfly mentorship program consists of:

The Infinite Oils:

For the 90 days course, I will send you a new Infinite oil from my line of powerful, tried and tested oils every month, for the specific concerns and themes I have received information about you meeting during that specific month.

Just this part of the Caterpillar to Butterfly Adventure, will be of tremendous help to you as you will not only get an uplifting pre-view and theme of what this new month will bring, but also get the transformational properties of the beautiful, vigorous Deva of the Sacred oil, whose aid and influence in your life will shift it in loving and positive ways!

The Sacred Oils consists of all natural oils, herbs, fruits, spices, essential oils and crystals. Some of which are organic, some wild-harvested, and it has no artificial scents, colours or similar whatsoever. Every bottle contains a few crystals and herbs, and they all have an absolutely Divine scent! The oils have been intentionally charged and blessed, and left many times under the full and new moon to be energized. You can read about all the different oils here.

The Sacred Caterpillar to Butterfly Ceremonies:

Are held for you in my sacred space at Full or New moon, or other dates that are important to you. These dates are discussed and decided on together.

During the ceremonies I create a Sacred space where I specifically invite your Spiritual team which could consist of Angel team, your guides, ascended masters, ancestors and whomever you wish to be there to be of help for you. I work with what and who you want and are comfortable with, and will not invite into your circle anything else.

I also connect with your HIGHER SELF and open the channels of wisdom and abundance on your behalf so that alchemy can happen to create Your miracles!

For alchemy to occur, I also use the same carefully chosen Sacred Oils that is also sent to you for that particular month, and annoint myself and a ritual candle with it. This candle is then additionally burnt on several occations on my personal altar during the rest of the month.

The second and third and final ritual, is then similarly held at thirty and sixty days after the first Sacred Caterpillar to Butterfly ceremony.


The recorded channeled readings :

During the Sacred Caterpillar to Butterfly ceremonies, I see, hear and get different downloads on how you can proceed with your life. The steps you can take to move further on your path, the things you can enjoy to enhance and invite more joy and love into your life.

I may get messages on new Angels that are with you speficially at this time, spirit animals, advice on which chakra to focus on, pieces of information from your childhood, etc etc. This info is very specific, and when used, will make a huge difference in your life.

This material is recorded and sent you in an MP3 file so that you can keep it, listen to it and get inspiration and energy whenever you need it.


The Miracle Sessions:

In these sessions there will be laughter, tears, going deep and going easy into all those areas that are calling your heart. In these sessions we are celebrating where you already are, and looking at your life with fresh and compassionate eyes.

The Sacred Miracle Mentoring sessions are synthesizing all the different aspects of the Premium Caterpillar to Butterfly Mentorship Program in a loving, easy and healing way, and are held at the beginning of every month. We will open a Sacred Circle together where we can laugh together, we will chat about your life, and where I feel how and where your energy needs to shift and be supported at this time. I also channel your Spirit-team (Guides, Angels, Spirit-animals, etc. that you have already invited into your life) with the healing, guidance and words they want to provide you with at this time.

These are sessions of profound insights, of healing, connection and fellowship! I will channel healing and light, and most importantly: I will remind you of who you are, and show you your beautiful butterfly-wings that already are there.

During the Miracle Mentoring sessions you can effortlessly, softly and joyfully connect to your inner Goddess, feel at peace and get to focus on what feels juicy and completely exciting to you!

What they also contain:


  • WHAT I experienced during your Caterpillar to Butterfly Ceremonies

  • HOW to implement the information I channeled for you, in your life

  • HOW to invite more joy, love and healing into your life

  • ASKING questions and speaking about your concernes

  • HEALING specific areas or topics or blockages then and there

  • SUPPORT and GUIDANCE for a solid and energizing course in your life


This abundant VIP Package is all about TRANSFORMATION and RESULTS.


It is simply NOT possible to come out unchanged if your heart is in it. This is because this adventure is built on Spiritual healing, alchemical tools, Miraculous coaching and not least the TIME for it to unfold when you need that additional support for great changes to appear.

The 4 alchemical tools that you receive every month; One oil, one reading, one ceremony and one Miracle coaching - are strategically put together for you to thrive, connect and feel aligned and at peace with where you are and what you are doing: Again - this adventure is all about the RESULTS with the key elements you need to receive the results you long for.

Do you see how this makes for an irresistible and compelling way of working? I tell you that the Caterpillar to Butterfly Mentorship Program is not just for dreamers; This is where star-dust becomes solid, where your dreams are turned into the substantial and genuine material of this 3D world.

No overwhelm.

No loneliness

No frustration.

Because we do it together, and I will be there every step of the way to ensure that you are connected, empowered and completely clear on what step to take next. You are invited into my inner circle, where you continually will receive attention and support during the course of your Adventure. And this is what I thrive doing; Giving support, ignition and healing to sensitive intuitives and lightworkers like yourself!


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Issues that are perfect to work on with this package:

  • Prosperity Consciousness:
    when you find it challenging to consistently desire and allow all that life has to offer!

  • Sacred Business:
    For entrepreneurs, business-owners and creatives that want to access their Higher Self for creating a prosperous, holistic Business!

  • Goddess Consciousness:
    when you find it challenging to love, value and integrate ALL part of yourself

  • Physical Healing:
    also for starting up new practices like exercising, dieting etc.

  • Spiritual healing:
    Dissolving blockages and opening up to your Higher Self and the Divine

  • Mindset healing:
    When you face challenges with self-worth, self-love, fear, anxiety, not-being enough etc.

  • Life-changes :
    New job, starting business, move, finding your True life-purpose

  • Life-challenges:
    like loss, pain and bereavement




My Core Beliefs

that I believe strongly in and work from:


You have all it takes inside you.

I am only here to remind you of that.

I am here to remind you of who you truly are.

I am here to support you and facilitate you showing your Self

I am here as a gate between the Divine and YOU

I am the Doulah of your empowered, pleasured, sacred Self!


I am not putting anything in you, transferring anything

or applying onto you something that is not already there!



How this works:


Every week I have a few discovery sessions for Premium 90 Days Caterpillar to Butterfly Mentorship Program.. Due to the exclusivity of this offer, the admission to the Caterpillar to Butterfly Program happens on interview basis, as I want to make sure that this program is the greatest fit for YOU in your life at this time. I want to make sure that you will get the ultimate results from this adventure, and that we can co-create the Miracles you are longing for and need during 2017!

If you feel that your heart longs for this kind of connection, I invite you to book a completely FREE and no-strings-attached 30-minutes discovery session by clicking on the button under. During the discovery session we go through the details of the program, you can ask your questions, and you can have a deeper feel for the package and whether it's the right thing for you to do at this time.