shortcut to the vortex

By Business Priestess Line Neesgaard


"I have never felt so aligned in my life!"

"It somehow felt like all the healing I've done in my life lead up to this moment!"

"I released a lot; attachments and emotional baggage. In addition, I was able to experience a deep sense of who I am. The session was powerful and healing and now I feel more free to move forward and honor myself."

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Your vortex is where you find the answers to everything you want to know and manifest everything you dream of!

Einsteins genius discovery of the mass–energy equivalence E=mc², was the dawn of humanity discovering that every single thing we interact with in this universe, simply is energy. Be it material things, thoughts, power, or even situations or relationships, energy is, in other words, the building-blocks or Lego they are all built from. This realization, is the basis of your mastery to constructing or conjuring your world as you desire it to be. It is the solid fundament by which you can build your dream-life.

Experience the Law of Attraction connected to your inner Self in an easy, joyful, highly practical and powerful way!

The means by which you draw or attract desired outcomes, situations or things into your life, is connecting the energy-field that surrounds you to Infinite intellingence or your Higher Self. Abraham-Hicks, a collective consciousness of infinite intelligence, has named this live power-center where all your desires and intentions are stored, for “the Vortex”.

As a Business Priestess, my main focus is to co-creating an energized and live, focused vortex with you, because this is where you want to be to attract everything you need and want into your life!


Everything you want is found downstream in the flow of feeling good!


Your unconscious defines your limits of what you believe, and therefore also what you can achieve

Our minds usually store mind-sets that opposes this instant construction of change, so the second focus I have during the session, is reminding you of who you truly are; your innate wisdom, power and love, so that you can align with the truth about who you are!


Inside the vortex everything is crystal clear, easy and joyful! All the burning questions we have, the feelings of disconnect to our calling, business, ourselves or other people are not even existing when you are there!

The answers will be found, you realize we are all one, and that everything is proceding according to the higher plan.

Line Neesgaard.