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the Sacred circle of Flow


"I have never felt so aligned in my life!"

"Thank you again for this valuable and amazing experience!"

"It somehow felt like all the healing I've done in my life lead up to this moment!"

"Without even asking, I received the solution to my three biggest challenges during the Higher Self alignment!"

"I released a lot; attachments and emotional baggage. In addition, I was able to experience a deep sense of who I am. The session was powerful and healing and now I feel more free to move forward and honor myself."

"As an immediate effect I have noticed a major improvement in my tarot reading accuracy. My senses are sharper and my intuitive nature is coming out of the closet for sure."

"This beautiful alignment has been amazing for me. What remained was a sense of a great accomplishment, I managed to reconnect with two opposites that I needed to form a whole."


When we decide to incarnate on earth and explore the physical 3D world, we know we can only bring a fraction of who we truly are in to the physical. As our souls are eternal, infinite and one with Oneness / God / Spirit, part of the deal of exploring earth, is using only a small part of who we are.

But forgetting who we really are, remembering only parts of out true nature, is severely painful. When our minds think, speak and act from untruths about ourselves, it creates all kinds of pain and disconnect from ourselves, as well as both physical and emotional pain and sicknesses.

The expansion of consciousness and leading-edge creation here on earth, therefore truly is re-remembering who we are;

Re-discovering ourselves as divine, powerful beings of love.


When we remember, connect and act from that truth, everything turns right again.

Pain diffuses and transmutes and sicknesses heals.

Peace appears and we start seeing through the fog of life and realize everything is exactly as it should be.

We can again see that everything is proceeding according to the Higher plan of ourselves and Love.


This is what the higher Self alignment is about!

You re-membering who you are.

Reconnecting to your inner wisdom and love.

The sacred homecoming to your Self.

Clarity and truth of existence.

Understanding why you are here and where you are going.

Finding deep peace and joy inside.

Finding yourself again.

About the long awaited, passionate reunion between your Higher Self and you!


This is really not something new

Your higher Self is always working in the background steering you in the right direction and providing you with love and support. You have probably connected with her/him at several points in your life, and felt that powerful joy and peace you experience when united.

But by a true alignment with your higher Self, this need not only be a spontaneous occurrence happening to you, but a relationship you consciously can control and LIVE in!


The Structure

The very powerful, metamorphic structure of the higher Self Alignment is as follows:

1) We co-create a powerful vortex of wellbeing and clarity

3) I read and realign your energy, and deliver what messages your Spirit-team or your higher Self brings to you.

3) Connecting with your higher Self or Soul


Line neesgaard's CREDO

You are a powerful, eternal being of LOVE

You chose to have a human experience to expand consciousness towards greater love and wisdom

Therefore everything you go through, at the core, is motivated by a profound longing for more love and expansion, because this is the truth about who you are and the truth about humanity

You have everything you need inside you

If you are confused, unhappy or feel lost, you simply need to remember who you are! To connect back into your own wisdom and source of Love

LOVE is not only he highest of all powers, but in truth the only one

All pain in different forms come from believing and acting from untruths about your Self and life

Therefore pain will vanish and transmute when you start seeing the truth about your Self and life again

Both darkness and light are powerful ignitors of expansion and must both be respected


Everything that is not of love will vanish in the light of truth.

And the truth is that only love is real, only Love has power, only love will last and give true change.



The beauty of working in accordance with your higher Self, is that the deep change and transformation is occurring in a completely easy, immediate and organic way.

Modern cognitive neural scientists recognize that you are only working with about 3% of your brain at the most. This means that if you are trying to change your behavior or mindset with your conscious mind alone, you have 95% of your brain activity (including all of your involuntary thoughts, beliefs, emotions, memories, skills, instincts & behavior, even your deepest spiritual understandings!) working AGAINST you! To actually get lasting and easy change, you must access your subconscious mind.


Your unconscious defines your limits of what you believe, and therefore also what you can achieve!

In the book Flow, psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi also shows us how the unconscious can process 2,000,000 bits of information per second. The conscious mind – at best – can process 126 bits per second. Therefore working with your higher Self, is giving you access to those powerful and larger-than-life parts of your mind and consciousness that you don't normally use!

The Higher Self Alignment will create immediate changes in your energy, and keep transforming you and your life for months forward.


You have everything you need inside you!


this is the core belief Line work according to during the Higher Self Alignment. Being seen for who you truly are, is a powerful gift that has the potential of changing your own view of yourself to a higher, new level.


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The Higher Self Alignment is tranformational and life-changing.

Your life, thoughts and situation will keep shifting for weeks - and sometimes even months - after the session is over, this is the stuff miracles are created of!

You need both time, energy and focus to keep this work at its highest potential! So have the intention of complete surrender to LOVE, surrend to the highest plan of Source and your Soul's biggest potential!


When energy is shifted, change occur, and Miracles happen. Instantly.




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