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the Sacred Circle of Support



The Structure


The very powerful, metamorphic structure for the Miracle Mentoring session is as follows:

1) We are connecting you with your higher Self or Soul

2) We co-create a powerful vortex of wellbeing and clarity where you are aligned with the highest version of you, so that you can see exactly where you stand and where your Soul calls you to go next!

3) During the session I continuosly read and realign your energy, and deliver what messages your Spirit-team or your higher Self brings to you.


What really creates the miracles?

The beauty of working in accordance with your higher Self and using your energy in stead of your mind, is that the deep change and transformation is occuring in a completely easy, immediate and organic way.

Modern cognitive neural scientists recognize that you are only working with about 3% of your brain at the most. This means that if you are trying to change your behaviour or mindset with your conscious mind alone, you have 95% of your brain activity (including all of your involuntary thoughts, beliefs, emotions,memories, skills, instincts & behaviour, even your deepest spiritual understandings!) working AGAINST you! To actually get lasting and easy change, you must access your subconscious mind.


Your unconscious defines your limits of what you believe, and therefore also what you can achieve!

In the book Flow, psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi also shows us how the unconscious can process 2,000,000 bits of information per second. The conscious mind – at best – can process 126 bits per second.

Therefore working with your higher Self, is giving you access to those powerful and larger-than-life parts of your mind and consciousness that you don't normally use!

One sesion of Miracle-mentoring will create immediate changes in your energy, and keep transforming you and your life for months forward. This is simply the reason why it's called Miracle mentoring. The powerful life-purpose and gifts of Line Neesgaard is creating transformation and expansion in the lives of her clients, and life-altering shifts occur when your heartfelt intentions of change manifests in the energetic vortex co-created in the Miracle session.


You have everything you need inside you!


this is the core-belief Line work according to during the Miracle Making sessions. Being seen for who you truly are, is a powerful gift that has the potential of changing your own view of yourself to a higher, new level.


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The content

During the Miracle Mentoring session we go deep into the workings of your Soul to discover what that next step is, to move towards greater freedom and abundance. We connect with and let your Soul speak, and this in itself will always be a transforming experience.

The work done during one single Miracle Mentoring session,

is tranformational and life-changing.

Your life, thoughts and situation will keep shifting for weeks - and sometimes even months - after the session is over, this is the stuff miracles are created of!

You need both time, energy and focus to keep this work at its highest potential! So have the intention of complete surrender to LOVE, surrend to the highest plan of Source and your Soul's biggest potential!


I come prepared to your Miracle mentoring session.

I have connected already with your higher Self, Spirit-guides / angel-team / Source / God, and already know what your Soul calls you towards and what to focus on during our Miracle Mentoring session together.

In addition, I am also able to see and feel your energy during our session. You have my full attention as I help you to quickly shift and heal feelings of stuckness, confusion or dispersion of your energy.

When you work with energy, the shift is instant and permanent. This has to do with the non-linear properties of energy which is the basis or "building-blocks" if you will, of your body, thought-forms and life and situation.

When energy is shifted, change occur, and Miracles happen. Instantly.




Another thing I want to say, is that sometimes we need to hear certain words! The speaking of those sacred words that we need to hear, can have profound impact on us. These words are most probably not new to you;

They are truths you know from a soul-level

Truths you probably have heard several times during your life, but still words that can change your direction and how you feel, by having them spoken to you in a powerful and poingnant way!


The Difference

This is no ordinary run-of-the-mill coaching session where I give advice, listen to you, give you advice and steer you in an appropriate direction.

My focus is all the time your energy, to read, heal and shift it. To let your higher Self or Soul speak, to have you journey deep into you SELF to summon up all your wisdom, experience and the callings of your life!

We dive very deep during each and every Miracle Mentoring session, and you will uncover truths, get clear on your obstacles, your life-path, and also float in the healing light of LOVE.

Creating Miracles is the joy of my Life.


I am also a person practicing full transparency

I am completely open with who I am where I'm at and what I do.

If I feel the situation needs it, I will even share my own experiences and invite you into a part of my own life. I believe that we attract and meet each other for a reason, and the reason is more often than not that we are sharing similar life-paths and life-experiences. So when I share my progress and my victories and my dark nights, you can relate and receive powerful support from that.



What people say about it:


"Line really helped me re-connect with my power, so I feel much more powerful now, much more embodied!"

"There is a big shift from near hysterical despair to hope.”

“My single Miracle Mentoring session was life-changing!"

"The session brought forward an issue buried so deep from my childhood that I completely forgot it existed. The issue just came effortlessly out of nowhere and the deep release and healing started immediately."

"It has changed my life!"

"I can't believe the change! I feel completely overwhelmed and so thankful for the changes occurring during our Miracle Mentoring session!"

"After one single session of Miracle Mentoring and using your Mama Earth grounding oil, I can confirm that even after a few weeks, the deep shift is a reality, and a magical change has taken place! Yes, it has changed my life, and I am full of joy and gratefulness for having met you!"

"It feels like the inside of my head is completely re-furbished!! I was lost and desperate, and now the future seems hopeful and full of possibilities!"

"How do you do it??! I actually felt physically the changes in my head, body and thoughts during our session. And guess what? Bookings have started pouring in to my completely empty booking calendar!!"

"After our Miracle Mentoring session yesterday, I now feel peaceful, connected and whole. It was absolutely magical."

"The pain I had in my jaw for months, completely vanished during our Miracle Mentoring session, and hasn't appeared since!"

"I am very happy to say with her help I am finally - after many years of trying - starting to heal and progress. Can't wait for whatever is next!"

“What you told me was so profound. You have started a huge mental process and spiritual change in me!”


the Miracle-Making session in short:


  1. I come to your session prepared. When you book a session with me, I will get POWERFUL INFORMATION about what passions and expansions your Soul is calling you towards, HOW and WHERE to lead your attention and energy, and WHAT to focus on in our Miracle-Making session.

  2. We then set up an LIVE Miracle-Making appointment in person or on Skype, where I can assist you and get in depth about your situation, your goals and the issues you want us to work on.

  3. During the one-on-one, live Miracle Coaching session, I firstly open a safe, SACRED CIRCLE or space for you where I invite in the higher energies of Love for healing and Miracles to take place.

  4. I keep close communication with your SPIRITUAL TEAM (we all work with different teams - and I respect and honor the ones you want to work with) during the session, where I get very specific information about your situation, where you are holding yourself back and how to proceed.

  5. I also write down what comes up during your session for you to keep as a SACRED REMINDER, and sometimes even also give you a few AFFIRMATIONS and perhaps some QUESTIONS to work on after the coaching session.

Line Neesgaard

has naturally been a spiritual guide and coaching people for great parts of her life, starting professionally in 2001.

She is a natural intuitive / psychic and empathic, and will not only be able to support you, but also intuitively see what is holding you back and what you need to focus on, and provide healing and realignment of your energy during your work together.

When she works with her clients, she reads their energy in addition to giving them clear messages from the angelic dimension and Spirit-team (Yep! Everyone's got them!).

She also gives them access to her deep spiritual experiences of manifestation, Miracles and growth from her own life.

Line's CREDO

You are a powerful, eternal being of LOVE

You chose to have a human experience to expand consciousness towards greater love and wisdom

This means that everything you go through, at the bottom is an incubator and ignitor of love; everything is motivated by a profound longing for more love and expansion, because this is the truth about who you are, the truth about humanity

You have everything you need inside you

If you are confused, unhappy or feel lost, you simply need to remember who you are! To connect back into your own wisdom and source of Love

LOVE is not only he highest of all powers, but in truth the only one

All pain in different forms come from believing and acting from untruths about your Self and life

Therefore pain will vanish and transmute when you start seeing the truth about your Self and life again

Both darkness and light are powerful


Everything that is not of love will vanish in the light of truth. And the truth is that only love is real, only love has power, only love will last and give true change.




If you feel unsure about whether my sessions are a good fit for you or not, you are welcome to book a completely free and no-strings-attached discovery-session with me to explore which service is the best fit for YOU at this time. Please click the button under to continue!