By Business Priestess Line Neesgaard



Listening to the alignment, it was like the floodgates burst open, and it was like my soul was finally free, basking in the bliss of remembering! Yes! I remember now. I remember who and what I am. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
As I began listening to the alignment and breathing in the earth-energies, my body started shaking, and tears rolled down my cheeks I was so relaxed, so at peace, feeling wrapped up in a healing blanket of love.
How could I forget even for a moment who I am? The Infinite Wealth Alignment could be felt all through my body mind and heart. I am love, I am, I am Infinite Wealth.


This is a powerful 30 minute audio that you get to download and play again and again, where you are co-creating a sacred ritual with ancient roots, with Business Priestess Line Neesgaard.


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In the first part of the audio (from start till 14:17) you will receive sacred information on among other things:

  • What Infinite Wealth™ truly is

  • How he concept of Infinite Wealth™ was channelled

  • Which two numbers that will tell you if YOU are synchronistically aligned with wealth

  • The connection between the number 9 and previous lives

  • How YOU are part of everything there is

  • The connection between the earth, the Divine and prosperity

  • How YOUR Soul essence is connected to Infinite Wealth™

  • How you are an unlimited source to wealth

  • Your true heritage


In the second part of the audio (from 14:18)

You are guided to be aligned with

  1. The healing, stabilizing energies of the Earth – your divine Mother!
  2. The highly vibrating, clearing white light from Heavens, in a balanced, heart-centered way.
  3. And when you are completely balanced and peaceful, we are calling in the Deva of Infinite Wealth™ for you to get aligned and connected to its frequencies!

The Music

The Sacred alignment audio is accompagnied by custom composed healing music by classically trained musician and Business Priestess Line Neesgaard. The music of Line Neesgaard in itself has been praised by her listeners to have profound soothing and healing qualities. The music adds another level and beauty to an already very potent audio.


More info on the Infinite Wealth™ Alignment

The ritual was done on the 9-9-9 portal of 9th of September 2016, a significant date at the end of a Mercury Retrograde, an Eclipse Season, a month with continual master number days throughout, and additionally on an upcoming New Moon! All these celestial events were provided for you to karmically clear your life and get ready for a completely new phase in our life!

This energy is similar to the Major Arcana tarot card no. 10; The “Wheel of fortune”, which will powerfully direct us towards our destined path. This is an energy that can feel pretty devastating if it isn't directed, but that ultimately only wants to lovingly push us even more powerfully onto the path of our life's purpose!

These energies are so compelling and creative, that harvesting them in a ritual in connection with the Divine, is bound to make huge changes in your life!

I'm so excited to share this ritual with you, as creating sacred rituals has changed my own life in so many ways! The frequencies of the Infinite Wealth™ alignment were so tangible and felt so profund, and I am so happy to be able to gift it to you!

Line Neesgaard


More experiences with the Infinite Wealth Alignment:


This alignment is so powerful it shook the cobwebs of forgetting away and I could see it so clearly, the purpose of my life. I am here for love, and everything else is just digressions.
It felt like 100s of angels were tugging at my heart-strings. I was completely surrounded by love.
It was like Gaia, Mother earth, rose from the soft music as I listened to the meditation. More than I could see her, I could FEEL her presence and feel how she was my loving mother taking me into her arms again.
Bliss. Pure Bliss. This is what I experienced when listening to the alignment. And for that I am so grateful.
You know the “Vortex” that Abraham (Hicks) is speaking about? Listening to the Infinite Wealth alignment was like physically sensing the vortex building up and radiating around me! Wow. Extremely powerful.
This morning I felt a little anxious and was looking for something to help me feel better, when I remembered the Infinite Wealth Alignment. I put it on, and when the ritual started, I felt a deep feeling of love surrounding me. I could relax again, exhale and know in my heart that everything is truly OK!
This!! This meditation. Just listen to it. I can't say it differently. It will change your life.
I have listened to the alignment ritual three times now, and every single time was profoundly healing and profoundly different. This is what happens when you connect with the Universe! Miracles appear. Love happens.
Remember love? Remember Hope? Remember who you truly are? If you ever forget, listen to Line Neesgaard's Infinite Wealth Alignment! It was such a wake-up call to me. Back to myself, and to love. Thank you!
A thing of pure beauty! That's what it is. Thank you.
I love you! I love me. I love the entire world. Thank you so much.
The initial bliss I felt listening to the Infinite Wealth Alignment soon afterwards turned into panic and fear, as all my previous and present bad memories of my money-situation came up. Soon, though, I realized that it was just my body and mind releasing all the negativity; all my obstacles to receiving infinite wealth!! As soon as I could relax into knowing that, I felt peace again and visualized all my bad memories and experiences sinking down into earth.



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The Infinite Wealth Alignment audio described above, can be experienced on so many levels.

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During the LIVE CUSTOM Infinite Wealth™ Alignment, we will not only go through this energetic portal live together, but before and during the ritual, Business Priestess Line Neesgaard will work in consort with your Spiritual Busines-team channelling what you need and providing healing and sacred words and messages during the ritual. 

She will also be reading your energy to see the obstacles needing to be dissolved, what needs to be shifted and how to implement the concept of Infinite Wealth™ into your life!

After the Alignment session you will also receive a PDF with among others:

  • The Divine messages coming up during the ritual
  • Affirmations to continue working with
  • Reminders of what shifted for you during the alignment
  • A blueprint for how to implement Infinite Wealth™ into your life & business


Business Priestess Line Neesgaard is creating powerful results helping business leaders and entrepreneurs using her natural gifts as a clairvoyant healer to decipher the secrets of the souls of her clients businesses, creating movements of joy, ease and infinite wealth! Connect further with her services here.



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