INFINITE Wealth oil

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INFINITE Wealth oil


Line Neesgaard's Signature Oil

This oil is the one that started my business, and the oil that has created most amazing miracles for my customers!

My customers have reported back to me that hey have received help drawing prosperity in ALL forms into their lives; and your part of the alchemy, is to get clear on what you want, and ask The Infinite Wealth oil and the Universe to help you create it!

The oil comes in a 10 ml glass bottle with a small lucky charm and with a beautiful initiation ritual and general instructions. The shape of the bottle may vary,.

May you be extremely, abundantly blessed by it!

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"I received a letter of termination of my over-due mortgage from my bank. I had no idea how to pay it or handle it, so I just anointed the papers with The Infinite Wealth oil and left them to the Universe. About 10 days later, the bank came back to me and told me that they were willing to lower my montly payments with 70%!!!!!! Miracles DO happen!!!"

”The Oil is almost alive and speaking to me. Yes, I love it and recommend it!”

"The oil is working all time for me! I have a great life, money comes in all the time and I don´t have to work myself for the money to come. Thank You and your great oil of money ♥♥♥ "

"The Infinite Wealth oil is the best thing that has happened to me and my family!"

" WOW... that's all I can say. I am extremely pleased with this!"


This metaphysical oil has proven to be one of my most powerful and popular ones.

My customers have had some amazing results with it, which makes me very humble and grateful to have been a part of. Their feedback tell me the oil have been helping people in the most incredible ways! I am including more of the fantastic testimonies I have received from my customers under.

The Infinite Wealth oil is the final of three of my most powerful, sacred oils that is the fundament of the Infinite Expansion Formula - the deep prosperity cure that will help you clear your obstacles, fill you up with LOVE, and expand you to abundance in all forms in your life! You find a full description of this amazing program - that I use regularly myself and that keeps producing life-shifting miracles every single time I use it! - here! Do check it out.

This program is recently upgraded with three powerful audio alignments recorded during the powerful Eclipse season of the 1-year (perfect for new startes AND manifestations!) of 2017, for you to keep using those compelling energies again and again.


Mystical properties

The Infinite Wealth oil - like my entire line of Sacred oils - is a living, highly precise integral, and your connection and work with it will be much more rewarding for you if you understand and respect this. The Infinite Wealth oil is a sophisticated, fusion and sacred pattern-form of a multitude of life-essences and energies, whose properties have the gifts to infuse your body as well as your different levels of spiritual and ethereal energy-bodies with transformation and power.

Having said that, I also know that you don't have to understand it all with your mind, as working with the oil will rather show you and make you feel its influence in your life and in yourself. In short, and simply, I will call the Money oil LOVE manifested as healing, abundance and prosperity. As this is what it's really all about. LOVE working in and for you, for blessing and transformation of your Self and life.


The ingredients of the the sacred Infinite Wealth oil

The Infinite Wealth oil is made from over 25 different ingredients of

  • organic base-oils
  • herbs
  • fruits
  • spices
  • essential oils
  • crystals
  • 24k gold-flakes


Some of which are organic, some wild-harvested, and it has no artificial scents, colors or similar whatsoever.

The oil base is completely organic, and consists of a blend of the costly and highly nourishing waxes and oils of jojoba, sweet almond and olive.

A few of the approximately 20 essential oils it contains are: Vetivert, Chamomile, Sandalwood & Jasmine.


Metaphysical properties

Worth mentioning is also that the oil also contains the life-essences from each and every of the Life-Spirits / Deva of the herbs, fruits and flowers it contains, with their particular properties and healing gifts.

All my oils are blended with respect and insights into the inherent offerings of the plant and mineral kingdom, and is contributing to the effectiveness of the oil. I also ask you to remember and be aware of this when using the oil, for the oil to work in an ultimate way for you.

I also want to mention that I am always being helped by the Angelic dimension, which help transmuting the healing and complete love of the Universe into energies that are usable and effective for us human beings.


Metaphysical chargings

The oil has continuously been metaphysically and intentionally charged and blessed during three years time of full- and new moons, special heavenly constellations and important energy-portals. Imagine what kind of power this will add to the already very potent ingredients and intentional infusions of the oil!



"I have sold two novels I have written, and one larger writing-project is also underway. I get ideas about how to earn money all the time, and am quite busy with my web-shop and courses I offer. I truly enjoy this so much, so please do share what I have told you, and know that I am truly thankful for what you have done, my lovely friend. Continue to spread your love and money-oil to the world, You are needed!"

"All day after I initiated The Infinite Wealth oil, I felt as if I was wrapped in a warm, cosy blanket. This returns every time I use the oil. I use the oil specifically on my heart-chakra, as I KNOW this is where my problem with money stems from. I simply do not have enough love for myself when it comes to money. And the oil really affects my heart; I feel more and more love for myself every day, and feel calm and peaceful. "

"I added a few drops in my bath-water this morning. When I got up, my boss had left a message that I was booked the day after for a job. A few hours later my work called ma again, asking me to come in and work the same day. These are the ways when you are working on a hourly wage! :) This is how the Infinite Wealth oil works for me."

"Suddenly it happened; My web-shop has sold out on a few products for the first time since I opened it, and I have been given unexpected gifts, and treated to things and experiences I would not be able to afford myself.  Tank you, wonderful you, for all the love you put in every single of your bottles!"

"I used the money-oil in my bathwater the other day, and asked Mother earth that my son in law would get a job, as he has been unemployed for 8 months. Yesterday he got a call from the place where he had been for an interview last week where they offered him the job!"

"Oh, yes it works! Twenty minutes after anointing my hands with your oil, I received a phone-call from my employer asking me to work two extra shifts. On my way to the grocers I found $6 on the road, I also won a small amount on the lotteries that same evening."

"The money-oil has really helped me along even though it has been smaller amounts of money: I got a $1500 reduction on my holiday booking, and a refund on my taxes of $1600, I even won a couple of smallsums in the lottery."

"I didn't even have to use it the suggested ten days. After only eight days I felt it's energies so strongly that I almost felt dizzy."

"I got EXACTLY what I wished for - it works!"

"I haven't bought lottery tickets. I went for an "all in" for the big stuff. I did the impossible to look for houses even when I didn't have any money. I did the impossible to start planning taking my drivers license knowing that I didn't own a dime. Now I got my house, and my driver's license in a few months. The law of attraction and the money-oil together has proven to be magical!"

"The same day as I ordered the oil, I got news that I was alotted a double, permanent increase of hours at my work. Several hundreds extra every month...and this was even before I received the oil physically!"

"When I initiated the oil, I saw all the colours of the chakras one at the time coming from the bottle, and felt how I was completely filled with it's energy."

"This oil works more than you can imagine. But be careful when you ask for things, listen to the advise that comes with the oil! I have only good things to say about the oil, but I promise you that your world will change from one moment to another!"

"Thank you! The oil came with the mail today. It smells absolutely wonderful! The coolest thing is; in the bedroom where my altar stands, I could smell the oil already this morning, many hours before the mail came. I didn't understand where the smell came from until I opened the bottle in the afternoon! :)"

"But come on, what's happening? My mother just won a car, and today I received $300 on my bank account, and so it goes on. Haha, <3 money-oil! Also it looks as if I am getting a job. I'm laughing, loving and sending my love!"

(By the way: she DID get the job! :))

"I am now one with the money-oil. What energies, I am quite high!"