INFINITE Synchronicity Oil

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INFINITE Synchronicity Oil


- When your Soul is allowing all the help of the Universe

"My investments that were going nowhere for years had suddenly turned positive. Definitely helped me."
"Just for fun I used a small amount for a game-night with my family, and to my great surprise (as I am not a great board-game player) I won EVERY SINGLE ROUND of games that night!!! Haha, talk about power!!"

This magical oil is based on a traditional Hoo-doo recipie where a entire, genuine Lucky Hand root is soaked for a full fortnight in pure rose-oil. Lucky Hand or Salep root is a hand-shaped root that comes from several species of orchids. It is becoming very difficult to find. This root is among the most powerful metaphysical ingredients that are used to increase gambling luck or occupational success. This root also traditionally boast protective properties, protection during travel, brings travel through employment, brings love, wins at gambling and lottery, brings better business, gets employment, and brings success to your endeavors.

  • LOVE

I have also added dried Red Clover, whose magickal uses include money, luck, protection, fidelity, love and aid in financial arrangements.

Then I have also added a few different ingredients of all natural oils, herbs, fruits, spices, essential oils and crystals known to be lucky and bring out the feeling of fortune in you! <3  

The INFINITE Synchronicity Oil has NO artificial scents, colours or similar whatsoever. Every bottle contains a few crystals and herbs, smells just divine, and is made every step of the way with magic and love in my personal magical laboratory!

The oil has also been metaphysically charged and blessed, and leftunder the full moon to be energized, It has been charged to give you the aid of the fairies of the herbs, fruits and flowers it contains.

The oil comes in a 10 ml glass bottle with a piece of vintage sari silk, a small lucky charm and with a beautiful initiation ritual. The shape of the bottle may vary.

May you be very blessed by it!

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