- When your Soul calls you to give up stress


Made with essential oils, crystals and Bach's Flower Essences


"I got amazing results with this oil, such a lovely and calming smell and, what's more important- provides me with at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep! Can't ask for more, thank you!"
"I just want to say THANK YOU!!! from the bottom of my heart for your magical oil! "
"I would like to buy another oil for my son. Actually BOTH he and I sleep so well when we use it!"

The oil is made from a variety of ingredients such as natural oils, herbs, fruits, spices, essential oils and crystals. Some of which are organic, some wild-harvested, and it has no artificial scents, colors or ingredients in any way.

The beautiful crystals I have used for this oil, is Celestite, Rose quartz, Howlite and Pearls. I have used many essential oils, among others Lavender, Jasmine, Chamomile, Pine and Sweet Orange. For me this means that the oil also includes energies from each and every of the Devas of the herbs, fruits and flowers it contains, with their particular properties and healing gifts.

I have also used three of Bach's famous flower essences to give extra energy and help a relaxed state of mind to help you sleep:

W h i t e   C h e s t n u t -  a remedy for unwanted thoughts that circle round and round in the head and keeps us from relaxing or falling asleep.

S t a r    o f    B e t h l e h e m- to heal after-effects of shock, maybe only caused by unexpected bad news or unwelcome events - even those received many years ago, like from very early childhood. This is also the remedy for a sense of emptiness and loss.

W i l l o w- to encourage the rebirth of peace and faith.

Every 12 ml bottle has some crystals and herbs in it, and comes with a small charm. The shape of the bottle may vary.

The oil comes with instructions and a beautiful initiation ritual.

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