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- When your Soul calls you towards greater Love


"After a childhood with emotional neglect and a difficult break-up, love has been difficult to manifest in my life. I was gifted the Love 3-oil-kit from a friend a while ago, and everything changed when I used your oils!”
"I have to tell you something wonderful that I don't really know what to do about....The love-oil has started working! You told me that your customers often started getting results already when ordering, but I am a sceptic...but wow, this morning when opening my mail, I had received 4!!!! love-letters from 4!!! different men..I have never experienced anything like it! I am speechless, haha, not often I don't find words!"

"My husband is not really the romantic type - but this morning (after I used the Love oil yesterday), he sent me a love-letter with a love-song and, so now I've cried a few happy tears! :)"

....The GREAT thing about my oils is this; often my cusomers experience their powers and get amazing results from THE MOMENT THEY ORDER the oils!!! So give love another chance! <3

The oil is made to bring love and healing into your life in many ways; Love is a force that will heal all sorts of predicaments. You know the saying "All you need is love?" Well, it is true. Human beings simply can't live without love, and think about how life is started, it all starts in love! This oil is made to help you receiving the healing powers of love into your life!

You may have a broken heart, you may want more love into your life, you may want to attract a partner. You may want to enhance the relationship you already have, or simply create a sphere of more understanding and joy into any environment. I have also experienced again and again that the power of love can cause both physical and mental healing.

I simply can't think of any situation that will not receive healing by infusing it with love!

Everything about this oil is lovely as it is charged with the tender but powerful blessings of three full moons. We know how the moon creates tides in the great oceans of earth, just think about how it affects us small human beings that consist of about 50% water! It has a great pull and great influence in our lives, and together with the healing properties of blossoms, herbs and crystals, it makes up for a very effective oil.

This Magical Healing Love Oil is made from a variety of ingredients such as natural oils, herbs, fruits, spices, essential oils and pearls. Some of which are organic, some wild-harvested, and it has no artificial scents, colours or ingredients in any way.

The essential oils added are among others; Ylang Ylang, Rose, Jasmine, Patchouly and Lemon. Every pretty bottle has small chips of crystals in it, and comes with a little piece of pink silk and a fairy charm. The shape of the bottle may vary.

The oil comes with a beautiful initiation ritual.

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