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The oil is made with ingredients traditionally attributed to give you a sunny proposition - to give you back your zest for life, which manifests in so many ways;

  • energy
  • happiness
  • sexual drive
  • ambition
  • pure peace of mind


It will energize and uplift you like you sit under the heat of the summer sun all warm and basking under its rays :)

The wonderfully potent smell has high citrussy tones mixed with floral and spicy scents. The oil is made on a base of coconut and olive oil, and contains little citrine pebbles and real vanilla pods. Everything about this oil is warm and sunny!

This oil is made from a complex variety of ingredients such as natural oils, herbs, fruits, spices, essential oils and crystals. Some of which are organic, some wild-harvested, and it has no artificial scents, colours or ingredients in any way. Some of the ingredients are lemon, lime, ginger, vanilla, chilli and tea. Every bottle of this warmly yellow oil also contains a few crystals and herbs, and smells just divine!

The oil has been metaphysically charged and blessed in circle under a waxing moon. It has been charged to give you the aid of the fairies of the herbs, fruits and flowers it contains, and also to bring you the blessings and aid of our mother Gaia and our father the Sun. May you be blessed by it too!

It comes with instructions and a beautiful initiation ritual.

The shape of the bottle may vary.

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