INFINITE Grounding Oil

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INFINITE Grounding Oil


- When your perfectly imperfect human Self needs you here


with the essential oils of Oakmoss, Vetivert, Patchouly, with wild-harvested morel, Peridot and raw Diamond, for first / root / Muladhara chakra.


"I cannot tell you how much this oil has changed my everyday! Always the troubled worrier, I now find myself so much calmer, centered and at peace. My life now has a "before and after" the Mama Earth oil!!"


The oil comes in a 12 ml glass bottle with a piece of green vintage sari-silk and with a beautiful initiation ritual included.


The shape of the bottle may vary.

May you be very blessed by it!

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"I gave the Mama Earth oil to my son that has autism, and even though he wasn't really into trying, after a short time he told me with shining eyes: "Mom, I can feel it in my whole body! I feel so happy and relaxed now!""
"I who had so many thoughts spinning around, causing stress and disharmony, found help. I'm no longer only in my head with all worries as before. I have balance."
"I have become totally dependent on the Mama Earth Oil! If by some reason I forget using it in the morning, I usually find myself feeling restless and un-grounded during the day, and more often than not discover that I have forgotten to use the oil! It's absolutely amazing, and I'm SO grateful for having found you and your oils!"

Imagine lying on the moss-cushioned forrest-floor looking up in the sky through vibrantly green pine-needles and green leaves dancing in the beams of the golden, life-giving sun-rays.

Imagine sinking back into the embrace Mama Earth, drawing in the deeply living scent of greens, earth, humid air and sun-baked bark.

Imagine feeling one, united and at completely peace with Mother nature with every cell of your being - from within to without.

Imagine complete rest. Being fed at soul-level, being nourished and replenished from the tips of your toes to the top of your head.

This is the essence and energy of the Sacred Mama Earth oil.

The ingredients of the mama Earth oil, are very different from my earlier oils, just at the energy of it is a very different one. The heart and scent of the oil, is that of the grounding Oak-moss. Its warm, earthy focus is lovingly blended with the precious essential oils of among others Pine, Vetivert, Rose-wood, cedarwood, Spikenard and Patchouly.

In addition to the essential oils, the oil has drawn the energies from earthy pear-bark, musky Stone-Morel, and for power, three drops of my own blood, raw Diamond, and red, organic Rose-buds.

I will dare to say that it is just not POSSIBLE to smell this oil, to wear it, and NOT be grounded. The energies are just to robust and compelling.

This Sacred Mama Earth Oil has been an important one in my development to be be deeply grounded, fully human and experiencing the abundant life here on earth. The steadily increasing prosperity I am allowing more and more of, I now understand will find its continuous flow when I am more one with Mama earth; when I am living HERE - with both feet planted in her moss, between the tall trees beneath the endless sky.

Prosperity flows when I am finally grounded
When I am embracing and loving being fully human.
Abundance springs when I am letting myself be enfolded in the tender lap of Mama Earth - inhaling the scent of her moss-clad cliffs, standing on her soft pine-needled forrest-floors with the leaves of her green beings in my hair.

Prosperity is physical. Tangible.

So is earth.

The oil has been intentionally charged and blessed under several full and new moons, was initiated on Earth day 2015, and received its final infusion and up-grade on the Super-moon of November 2016 (the largest Super-moon since 1948!).