INFINITE Expansion Oil

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INFINITE Expansion Oil


The super-charged and up-levelled oil previously known as Obstacle Remover Oil.



Have you found yourself in situations that seem totally overwhelming and impossible to handle, lately? Are you overcome with stress and feel that you are in over your head? This oil is made to help you in just that situation where you need a reminder and clarity to see that expansion is always possible in all ways!

Where you find yourself restricted and closed in, there are 100 ways that you cannot yet see. So open up your heart and mind, use the Infinite Expansion Oil, and let your Higher Self point you in the right direction!

The magical oil is made on a base of Organic Jojoba and Olive oil with all natural ingredients of herbs, fruits, spices, essential oils and crystals. Some of which are organic, some wild-harvested, and it has no artificial scents, colors or similar whatsoever. Every bottle contains a few crystals and herbs.

The oil has been metaphysicall charged and blessed, and left several times under the full moon to be energized, whereof twice under a Super-moon, latest during the energy-portal on the 14th of Novermer 2016. The oil also includes energies from each and every of the Devas of the herbs, fruits and flowers it contains, with their particular properties and healing gifts.

Every bottle contains a few crystals and herbs, and has a truly compelling scent! The oil comes in a 10 ml glass bottle with a piece of green silk, a small charm and with a beautiful initiation ritual and general instructions. The shape of the bottle may vary.


May you see the truth about who you are and the truth about the world!

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Customers say:

"The same week as I started using the Infinite Expansion Oil, I sat down to pay my bills. This is never done with an easy mind for me, as I know that my expenses are always higher than my small income. I finished paying the bills having a surreal feeling that this could not be it?! So to be sure, I called the bank the next day. And GUESS WHAT?! For the first time in years, the bank told me that I was up-to-date with my mortgage on my house, IN SPITE OF my income being lower as I have been on a sick-leave! I really can't believe it!! This MUST be magic!!!!"
"When I started using Infinite Expansion Oil, I surprisingly found myself spontaneously healed from my labyrinthitis - a sickness with severe vertigo - that had bothered me for several weeks."