the INFINITE Being Oil

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the INFINITE Being Oil


The super-charged and up-levelled oil previously known as "the Butterfly oil" and the "Golden Miracle Oil."


- When your sink into the luminous space of I AM

With genuine 24kt Gold flakes and 13 solely Flower essential oils


Comes in a beautiful, heavy crystal bottle with a butterfly stopper.

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"This Miracle oil saved my love life!"

"I manifested my Twin Flame the same week I first applied the oil, and now my beloved and I are more in love than ever, and we are engaged to be married! I'd worked on myself for years, but to be honest I think my aura was blocked. I needed the magic blessing via this Twin Flame anointment, it's truly special and powerful"

Dr. Amanda Noelle, The Twinflame Matchmaker


The INFINITE Oil comes with a beautifully designed 7-pages printable booklet with a Sacred Initiation Metamorphosis-Ritual, in addition to generous info to help you get a deeper understanding about how the Oil can help you in your life.

*This is not a beginners oil - if you have never used or are new to using Sacred oils, pleace consider another oil for your purchase*


  • The Vortex liquified

  • Sacred Soul Doulah

  • Authentic Self

  • Sacred Path

  • Sacred life-mission


  • Sacred Doulah

  • Authentic Self

  • Element of Fire

  • Transformation

  • Sacred Soul


I never recorded its recipe – nor will I be able to re-do or charge any similar oil with similar properties; This oil is encompassing several years of grand astronomical constellations and my personal unfolding onto my True Life-path, in addition to FIVE years of full- and new moon infusions, which in itself is extremely potent.

This oil is a highly vibrating, sacred Doulah, as women and men birth their new life and butterfly wings - their Sacred Soul - and connect to the Sacred Vision of their lives! I truly believe that this oil is not only Sacred and truly alchemical; but it will also EASE the birthing process and give you the aid and powers of the Universe - the Goddesses and the life-force - during your metamorphosis. Through its acutely live properties and helpers, it will help you in the ways that YOU need to be able to birth your Sacred Vision and your Authentic Self.


Metaphysical chargings

The oil has been metaphysically and intentionally charged and blessed during five years time of full- and new moons, special heavenly constellations and important energy-portals including the powerful Venus Transit of 2012. Imagine what kind of power this will add to the already very potent ingredients and intentional infusions of the oil!


Mystical properties

The INFINITE Oil - like my entire line of Sacred oils -  is a living integral body, and your connection and work with it will be much more rewarding for you if you understand and respect this.

The INFINITE Oils are sophisticated fusions and sacred pattern-forms of a multitude of life-essences and energies, whose properties have the gifts to infuse your body as well as your different levels of spiritual and ethereal energy-bodies with transformation and power.

Having said that, I also know that you don’t have to fully understand it all with your mind, as working with the oils will rather show you and make you feel their influence in your life and in yourself. In short, and simply, I call the INFINITE Oils LOVE manifested as miracles. As this is what it’s really all about; LOVE - as in the divine entity or realm - working in and for you, for blessing and transformation of your Self and life.



The ingredients of the INFINITE Oil

the INFINITE Oil is made from over 25 different ingredients of

  • organic oils

  • herbs

  • fruits

  • spices

  • essential oils

  • crystals / minerals

  • 24k gold-flakes

Some of which are organic, some wild-harvested, and it has no artificial scents, colors or similar whatsoever.



The essential oils I used for this specific oil, are only essential oils from flowers. Mainly the precious and highly vibrating oils of

  • Rose

  • Jasmin

  • Patchouly

  • Neroli

in addition to several others, in all over 10 essential oils. The scent is absolutely DIVINE - a lusciously sweet mosaic of strongly vibrating feminine notes. The bouquet is light and delicate – nectarous and compelling without being syrupy or heavy.



  • Jojoba oil

  • Olive oil

  • Castor oil

The healing vaxes and oils of Jojoba and Castor oil have near indefinite shelf-lives, and in addition I have added vitamin E and Rosemary essential oil, that keeps the oil from oxidizing and going rancid.



Consists of beautiful, black, sea-polished volcano-derived basalt from Iceland. What I feel this stone has added to my oil, is mainly that of speed and fiery power - fire being the element of MIRACLES - but definitely also of grounding and strength. SO powerful!

The oil also contains pure 24kt gold flakes. Pure gold has so many excellent metaphysical properties, among others improving the flow of information through the body, and is associated with the Sun and also has Fire as its element. It is often used/worn by teachers and healers, especially in connection with deep work of self-healing. Being valued and priced by our ancestors as a means to both feed and repair of light-bodies, I feel gold is an energy we need to re-introduce into our aura and souls, and that will help us bring back our pre-historical grandness.


Metaphysical properties

Worth mentioning is also that the oil also contains the life-essences from each and every of the Life-Spirits / Deva of the herbs, fruits and flowers it contains, with their particular properties and healing gifts.

All my oils are blended with respect and insights into the inherent offerings of the plant and mineral kingdom, and is contributing to the effectiveness of the oil. I also ask you to remember and be aware of this when using the oil, for the oil to work in an ultimate way for you.


Metaphysical chargings and initiation

In addition to the specific events under, the INFINITE Oil has received at least 13x Super Moon chargings / infusions and continuous full moons chargings during 24 months, in addition to special occasions during the next 3 years.

   Here are some of the specific infusions:

20th of March 2012 – Spring Equinox
1st of May 2012 - Beltaine
20th of May 2012 - ”Ring of Fire” - Sun Eclipse
4th of June 2012 – Moon Eclipse
7th of June 2012 – VENUS TRANSIT
20th of June 2012 – Summer solstice and New Moon
12th of July 2014 My personal Capricorn ”New Year”; Super full moon & Cardinal Grand Cross
First Initiation on the Super-Moon 9th of September 2014
14th of November 2016, Uplevel and infusion of the Super-moon and energy-portal of the the largest full moon since 1948