INFINITE Healing music

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INFINITE Healing music


Tender, healing piano-pieces with soft strings for tender souls


"I absolutely adore this CD! This is by far the best CD I ever have used - and I have tried a lot of mediation-music!!"

"Almost every single of my clients ask me what music I am playing when I play this CD!"

"I never seem to get tired of it! It's absolutely beautiful and soothing."

"I seem to get so much calmer and focused when I play 'Dance of the Faery' when I work!"


This CD is perfect for use by healers, massage-therapists and everyone else who needs calming, healing meditative music to listen to or use in the background.


Dance of the Faery consists of 26 tracks.



  • peaceful
  • romantic
  • healing
  • meditative
  • classical
  • small drama
  • mysterious
  • film music
  • nostalgia
  • peaceful
  • longing
  • love
  • magic

To listen to the track "Faery realms" , click here.


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