3 weeks

3 oils

3 initiatory rituals

The perpetual formula to effortlessly heal, deepen and grow any area of your life

a Low-effort, Light, Sensuous 3-week formula where you simply: 

  • ALLOW 3 magical Infinite oils to change your energy for you

  • ALLOW 3 energetic audio rituals to effortlessly ritually connecting you with your higher Self and create energetic vortexes

  • ALLOW yourself to experience and create a new reality by using simple but powerful energy-techniques shared in the weekly material

  • ALLOW yourself experiencing being firmly rooted and deeply trusting in both the love of the Universe and the love for yourself

  • ALLOW your higher Self to lead you flowingly and naturally



The Infinite Expansion formula was discovered through my own path of healing with my intentionally charged crystalline essential oil blends. I discovered that different oils fit together and also opened different aspects of the other oils, so that even further synergies and intentions were manifested. So I started using the Infinite oils in sets of three or four, each set put together for the maximum effect of the desired outcome.  Using each oil one week in this particular order, every week starting with setting intentions for the week. It was an incredibly powerful journey, to which I contribute the major breakthroughs in both my personal life and business. I also discovered that each time I used the formula, the power increased exponentially, proving to me that I had discovered a powerful, magical formula!

Business Priestess & Ego Whisperer
Line Neesgaard


The INFINITE Expansion Formula is a powerful 3-week journey of expansion using:


3 x Infinite Oils
of crystalline, intentionally charged essential oil-blends

3 x Energetic alignment audios
to align your vortex with your higher Self


ALLOWING life to heal and grow exponentially; Surrendering, being grounded, trusting and joyful.




The structure:


Week one: Infinite GROUNDING

 Expanding your earth connection and human roots

To expand your life, you need strong roots and a great foundation in your body and relationship with your physical world.

  1. You will be aided with the compelling energies of the Infinite Grounding Oil, that you use every morning and night. Read more about its potent content here.

  2. You will then create the powerful vortex through the audio alignment of the week, in addition to receive energizing healing from Mother earth and nature through both the oil and the plant-medicine of the week.




Week two: Infinite LOVE


Expanding your love connection

All miracles are created with and from love, and delving into your heart chakra and the realm of love this week, allows for a very sweet, very easy and joyful filling up of your life with love!

  1. The Infinite Love Oil is your muse, as she naturally and synchronistically opens up your heart chakra to let love flow through and into your life.

  2. This week you are creating a powerful vortex of LOVE to expand your heart-chakra and tap into the mighty forces that created worlds!






Expanding your life and Self Infinitely

As everything is a reflection of your inner being, it all starts with YOU! As you have dug your roots firmer into the earth and filled yourself up with love, you are now ready to extend your wings and fly!

  1. Expansion is now not only a possibility, but a reality. The Infinite Expansion Oil is sealing your new identity and providing your life with another layer of support.

  2. The powerful, life-changing vortex you are opening up this week, connects you to your higher Self, and as you are more and more aligned to your true essence, you realize you can be and do absolutely everything!


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the INFINITE energetic audio alignments

Each week you are, through the audio alignments, guided to create powerful vortexes for transformation. The alignments were recorded during the immensely important eclipse-season of 2017, a numerological "1-year", the Universal year for new starts and powerful beginnings! The specifically significant astrological and numerological dates made the audios even more powerful.

Listening to the audios alone, will shift your energy and hold deep transformational potential, so when you are using them in addition to the sacred Infinite Oils, they together will help you transform your life in flow and ease.

The Music

The Sacred alignment audio are accompagnied by custom composed healing music by classically trained musician and Business Priestess Line Neesgaard. The music of Line Neesgaard in itself has been praised by her listeners to have profound soothing and healing qualities. The music adds another level and beauty to the already very potent alignments.


the infinite oils

 Intentionally charged, crystalline essential oil blends

The Infinite Oil line is mixed by hand in very small batches with pure love and magic. The oils are created from a complex blend of pure, natural essential oils and delicately selected mostly organic or free-harvested herbal ingredients, infused with carefully selected minerals with respect for nature and the life-energies of every single component. Thereafter they are energetically charged with celestial energies of foremost the moon in different phases, as well as other celestial events. When the oils are infused and vibrant with energies, they are intentionally charged and ritually initiated with pure LOVE.

This is what makes the oils miracle-working, alchemical instruments, offering profound emotional responses as well as giving you support and energy for healing and transformation of yourself and your life!


the written material & energy-tools

For every week, there is an extensive yet easy-to read and use PDF Guide with an overview of the week and information about the next steps in the Formula. There are over 100 content-full pages where you will be guided to use one of the 4 versions of the Formula, and be guided in using some of the trusted, super-effective:

  • Energy-tools
    to clear your energy, feel connected, energized and grounded. You will also get a practical introduction to energy and the Law of Attraction.

  • Plant-medicine
    for every week, helping you to connect deeper with mother nature and yourself.


Some of the themes that are taught in the guides are:

  • The 4 different versions of the Formula and which one is perfect for you in your situation

  • About Timing & the Moon

  • Healing your Earth-chakra

  • Holding your heart-chakra clear and energized

  • Co-dependency and how intuitive and empathic persons often fall into this trap

  • Crystals to use for every week and the different chakras

  • An intro to journaling and excavating gold from your notes

  • Finding the authentic answers within

  • The connection between truth and pain

  • Energy, vibration, the Law of Attraction and your thoughts and beliefs


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During a period of three weeks, you are creating three powerful ritual vortexes in which you will


  • Be fully grounded and connected to nature, the earth and your own roots

  • Be aligned with your Higher Self & your Ego

  • Open up to, see and allow the path your Higher Self already has planned out for you to enjoy in life!

  • Find the answers to your most urgent questions

  • Know the next steps to take to allow in growth and expansion

  • Energize your wishes, dreams and life with your vortexes

  •  Discover and continuously hold yourself in the love from your higher Self

why energy is all

Einsteins genius (re-)discovery of the mass–energy equivalence E=mc², was the dawn of humanity uncovering that every single thing we interact with in this universe, simply is energy. Be it material things, thoughts, or even situations or relationships, energy is, in other words, the building-blocks or Lego they are all built from. This realization, is the basis of your mastery to constructing a powerful, vibrant vortex around you, conjuring your world as you desire it to be. It is the solid fundament by which you can build your dream-life.


Your vortex is where you find the answers to everything you want to know

and manifest everything you dream of!


The means by which you draw or attract desired outcomes, situations or things into your life, is connecting the energy-field that surrounds you to Infinite intelligence or your Higher Self. Abraham-Hicks, a collective consciousness of infinite intelligence, has named this live power-center where all your desires and intentions are stored, for “the Vortex”. So in short, what you want to have, is an energized and live focused vortex because this is your personal tool to attract everything you need and want into your life!

Through the Vortex audio alignments, you get to experience, conjure and USE the Law of Attraction connected to your inner Self in an easy, joyful, highly practical and powerful way!


The full INFINITE EXPANSION Formula content:

  1. An oil-kit with three x 3ml. Infinite Oils
    of highly concentrated essential oil blends

  2. Three energetic audio ritual alignment MP3's
    that are your BLUEPRINTS for creating powerful vortexes

  3. Weekly easy-to-follow, beautifully illustrated PFD guides
    that take you through the 3-week formula with profound insights and nurturing wisdom



The Infinite Expansion Formula is perfect for you if you feel overwhelmed, stressed and feel like courses and studying really is just too much right now, but still want and need to heal and move forward with your life!

Because with this Formula, you are tapping into the natural; you are going downstream with the powerful flow of life discovering what is.already.there. Letting yourself click into place in your natural habitat of expansion. This is your natural being, this is the flow and synchronicity of the universe.

There is nothing to study.

Nothing to beat into your mind.

There are no new theories you need to remember or keep remembering.


And the Infinite Expansion Formula is still

- or maybe just because of that - infinitely efficient!


You just let nature take care of you as you use the powerful INFINIT Oils twice a day, and listen to the alignments to effortless create energizing and miraculous vortexes to change your life and inner landscape.

It's that easy.

The formula is also for you even If you are:

  • Depressed

  • Exhausted

  • Burnt-out

  • Stressed

  • Energy-depleted

  • Sis tuck

  • Confused

The most powerful is ALWAYS the easiest.



Because what is natural is ALWAYS easy. And expansion is your very nature, if you just remember to relax, surrender and allow it to happen.

You can't relax and surrender if you are stressing.

You can't open up and allow if you feel you need to hold up a certain standard or reach a particular plateau to succeed.

You can't create a peaceful vortex and accept what is already here for you if you don't KNOW it's there.

You can't get what is yours if you are desperately clamoring to get somewhere else, when what you want and need is right inside yourself!

The Infinite Expansion Formula will help you understand how to easily, naturally and beautifully attract into your life whatever it is YOU dream of !


You will also experience as you use the Formula again and again, how it only gets more powerful every single time you use it as it's actually expanding itself, just as it's expanding your life and making you aware of that there is nothing you can't co-create with the Universe!





The INFINITE Expansion Formula will change your relationship with yourself

The INFINITE Expansion Formula will change your relationship with the Universe and the world

The INFINITE Expansion Formula will connect you to a deep sense of peace of KNOWING

The INFINITE Expansion Formula will expand your sense of joy and deep love

The INFINITE Expansion Formula will expand what you think is possible