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Hi! I’m the Ego Whisperer & Earth Priestess Line Neesgaard, and I’m so excited to share with you a completely new synthesis of two of the most powerful, ancient technologies known to men. This new system, is leading edge and is able to pinpoint with complete accuracy the themes and archetypes that you have chosen for yourself (yes! Even prior to being born on earth you planned this!) when you made a divine and completely exciting plan of what you wanted to explore while in human body!

I am guessing you clicked on my ad because:

You want to become clearer about your life's calling?

And I am suggesting - contrary to what most people believe - that you start from the other end; look at the shadow of your calling - the area that your Ego governs - because this is the area that is obscuring your vision, and only if this ”shadow” is seen, accepted and loved, can you move into full clarity of your life’s Big vision!

But first, what do I mean by “the Ego”, and how is listening to it a good thing??

I wholeheartedly believe - and have personally experienced - that your Ego is a powerful, earthly guide, leading you faithfully through every human experience you planned to have, before you incarnated on earth. 

Your Ego is YOU!

Your Ego is the authentic, instinctive YOU

Your Ego is the gatekeeper to your subconscious

Your Ego is your Divine Child

Your Ego is the key to true empowerment

Your Ego is holder of your most valuable treasures; the parts of you hidden in the dark

Your Ego is the messenger bringing up memories, experiences and situations that needs to come up into the light for transmutation

As the Ego whisperer, I will help you realize your life's calling with the help of your Ego.


Your Ego governs the area of your shadows, and is the gate-keeper to the sub-conscious, ie. What you don't consciously know.  By working with your Ego, you get a speed-dial to these parts of you you want to explore, and in that way enter a realm of breakthrough and epiphanies. This is why working with the Ego is so extremely rewarding and exciting!

We are living in a world that is woven from polarities; what we want to expand into, is always first initiated from the opposite polarity. Think of how you pull the string of the bow backward when launching the arrow. This is also how every part of our human life works. You can only go as far to the other end as you have been in the opposite direction!


What this means for your life's calling, is that you can attain more clarity and understanding of it by exploring its shadow!



For you who either:

  • Are both intuitive, sensitive and believe there is something more out there for you in this life, but feels that your own intuition and roadmaps are not working for yourself at this time!

  • Feels that time is ”running out” and is stressing about not knowing in which direction to move

  • Works for yourself or in your dreamjob, but lately is feeling lackluster and as if there’s more out there than you’re experiencing now!

  • Feels you “have no clue” what you’re supposed to do in life and feel incapable of choosing

  • Feels that you have a general understanding, but need much more clarity of your life-purpose to move forward

  • Wants to transition from your day-job into starting your own business


For years, I’d had a pretty good, general understanding of my calling or life-purpose. I started out creating intentionally charged, healing essential oil-blends, moving into creating courses and mentoring around them. I knew I was what is called a “light-worker” in the spiritual arena; a healer, psychic and empath. But late 2017, early 2018, I felt a frustrating halt in forward movement, and just knew on a Soul-level that I had find acute clarity of where I was going to move powerfully in that direction.

The agony and frustration of not having full clarity of your Life-purpose, is real!

I couldn’t believe how I, intuitive, psychic and spiritually connected, seemed incapable of finding my way!

I’ve always been interested in numerology and tarot, as I’ve found uncanny clarity and synchronicities when I used those ancient tools, but somehow knew that connecting directly to my intuition and Higher Self, was far superior. However, when you’re frustrated and deeply emotionally invested in an issue, it is nearly impossible to hear clearly from your intuition. So after months of agony fearing I’d lost my connection to my Self & intuition and feeling I was wandering aimlessly around in the mist, I suddenly got a download that changed my life.

The epiphany was seeing a direct connection between the archetypes of the trump suite in the tarot-deck and numerology

and that both our life-purpose (ie. what we previous to incarnation have planned for ourselves to do in this lifetime) and incarnation-journey themes (ie. the themes / issues we have delved into to explore and expand into during our entire earth-journey) are mapped out clearly and incredibly specifically in your name, in your birthdate, and in the archetypes that are found in Tarot. It was right there in the symbiosis of the two ancient technologies - so specific, so clear - and it had nothing to do with randomly chosen cards or even using your intuition. No, it was an accurately calculable system that not only revelaed your goals and themes, but also the “shadows” or areas of growth that you need to expand into before you are ready to move powerfully and clearly into your life’s Big Vision or Purpose.

I also experienced so clearly, how I had not been able to see my entire or specific life-purpose prior to having worked through it’s counterpart, os the shadow-aspect of it! And as I now naturally and following the lead of my intuition had been made aware of and called the shadow into visibility, acceptance and light, I was finally ready to not only understand, but move into my full life-purpose.

And now, this is modality is available for you too! I invite you to book a free Shadow-reading with me under, to both experience connecting to and working with your new BFF; your powerful Earthly guide the Ego, and also to get clearer about the purpose that your Soul is longing to step more fully into!

 In this free 45 minute call, the Earth Priestess and Ego whisperer will:

  1. Create a beautiful sacred space where you together connect to the unconditional, intelligent field of love (nothing more, nothing less <3 )

  2.  Effortlessly guide you to invite in your earthly guide, the Ego

  3. Make your Ego feel safe to share what treasures the shadow of your life-calling holds for you right now

  4. Finally, following the lead of your Ego, the Ego- whisperer will share with you the specific shadow of your main archetype to create a clear picture of where you are going and how you want to express your truth to the world.