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Ego whispering ritual

A powerful and sacred ritual connecting to and healing your Ego


Who or what is your Ego?

Your Ego is simply your Earthly Guide, leading you through every human experience you planned to have before you incarnated on earth. 

Your Ego is YOU!

Your Ego is the key to true empowerment

Your Ego is the authentic, instinctive YOU

Your Ego is the gatekeeper to your subconscious

Your Ego is holder of your most valuable treasures; the parts of you that is the darkest and the brightest and therefore the most intimidating

Your Ego is the messenger bringing up memories, experiences and situations that needs to come up into the light for healing

Calling home your Ego

You can't love yourself unconditionally if you don’t love all parts of you.

You can't be whole, at peace and solid if you are supressing parts of you.

A country divided cannot stand, and neither can you.

As we have been taught both to fear and dissociate from our Ego's, what we as a society really is doing, is living lives separated from huge parts of ourselves. The Ego has become taboo; The place in ourselves we place anything that's "wrong", "sinful", challenging or painful in ourselves.

We need to call back ALL parts of ourselves. Even the painful, hurt and seemingly dark ones. And for these reasons alone, I believe that connecting with your Ego is of intrinsic value!


Only love will create the light diffusing the pain and darkness

that often is associated with Your Ego!

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The truth about our Ego

The reason why many have deemed the Ego as being a purely negative influence in our lives, is simply because we don’t have the full picture of everything that’s going on. As an example, when I met my Ego for the first time in its fearful, anxious, separated state, it felt like a very powerfully negative experience! It actually took years for me to see the fuller picture (I’m sure I still haven’t seen it in its entirety) where it transformed from a panicky separated self, into my most trusted, powerful guide and authentic counselor! I would even claim that the bigger the miracle, the harder it is to see, because it usually includes other experiences, people, and definitely longer time-frames.

So as a rule of thumb; Never judge parts of yourself as being untrustworthy and a negative influence!

Judging ourself is always a bad idea

at best it will suppress parts of yourself, and at worst, it will create powerful separation leading to an array of excruciating states of disconnect, frustration and powerlessness. Choosing to trust all parts of us, on the other hand, will create a loving and safe environment within ourselves.

Another reason why we judge the Ego as being less than our Higher Selves (who is much more popular and pleasant to work with), is because its very job is to make sure we not only go through easy and joyful experiences, but also those dark and painful ones that will give us momentum into the opposite direction! Think of an arrow; the stronger the pull backwards, the greater the potential it has to shoot powerfully forward! Our Ego’s are our Earthly guides, making sure we live the FULL human experience, and also that everything that needs adjustment, is brought to our attention. We wouldn’t tear out the warning-lamps in our car because it gave us “negative” signals, right?! Because that would be dangerous.

Killing the messenger

But in western society, we have increasingly chosen to “kill the messenger” and tried to expel our Ego’s by suppressing her/him. And the more you ignore the “warning lamp”, the more it has to be turned up to get our attention! But even the Ego (like our Higher Self) has purely loving motives; Yes, it wants to keep us safe, and also wants you to grow and heal, which is why it needs to bring negative memories and experiences to the front, often by reenacting or repeating them in our lives, for them to heal and lose their power over us!

The Structure

The powerful, metamorphic structure for the Ego Whispering session is as follows:

1) We create a sacred space of love and timelessness so that you can meet your Ego with the full acceptance, love and patience s/he (i.e. You) deserves.

2) From this place of love and acceptance, we are then connecting to your Ego, diminishing the painful gap between you, integrating him/her into your body and psyche, accepting all her wisdom and guidance into your life.

3) Your Ego will show up in whatever shape, feeling and form that is most important for you to see right now! When we have recognized this expression, we use that as a starting-point to decipher the message your Ego wants to share with you. The messages are always profound, healing and will produce shifts in the way you see life and hold all parts of yourself.

The focus of the session

If you are feeling dissociated from your Ego, I suggest - like in any new relationship - that you take it slow and show respect and patience with your new relationship. So while you will get life-changing results from strengthening your relationship with your Ego, the intention for consciously connecting to that part of you, will always and foremost be LOVE. Only love will make you whole, will heal all parts of you and have you feel at peace and at home here on earth. Only love will create the mutual trust that provides a healthy base for a strong relationship between you and your Ego.

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 Signature 30 min. Consultation

Price: $1100

After your payment, you will be sent a link where you can book your consultation directly.

This consultation is also available on a donation basis; Pay whatever you can afford, or what you feel the session is worth to you!

After your donation, you will be sent a link where you can book your consultation directly.