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Ego whispering reading ritual

Get clear about your Soul purpose by illuminating the shadows!

A powerful and sacred session both getting clear about

  • The two main archetypes and their shadows you have chosen to hold your Soul purpose in this lifetime

  • Creating a beautiful ritual connecting to and healing your Ego


Who or what is your Ego?

Your Ego is your earthly guide, leading you through every human experience you planned to have before you incarnated on earth. 

Your Ego is YOU!

Your Ego is the key to true empowerment

Your Ego is the authentic, instinctive YOU

Your Ego is the gatekeeper to your subconscious

Your Ego is holder of your most valuable treasures; the parts of you that is the brightest and therefore the most intimidating

Your Ego is the messenger bringing up memories, experiences and situations that needs to come up into the light for healing


The Structure

The powerful, metamorphic structure for the Ego Whispering session is as follows:

1) We create a sacred space of love and timelessness where we co-create a powerful vortex so that you can meet your Ego with the full acceptance, love and patience s/he (You) deserves.

2) From this place of love, acceptance and wellbeing, we are then connecting to your Ego diminishing the painful gap between you, integrating him/her into your body and psyche, accepting all her wisdom and guidance into your life.

3) Following the lead of your Ego, we then dive into the different aspects of the archetypes your Soul has chosen for this incarnation, unraveling the mysterious, stunning matrix of your Soul’s full expression and how it wants to experience life.

What happens during the session

If you are feeling dissociated from your Ego, I suggest - like in any new relationship - that you take it slow and show respect and patience with your new relationship. So while you can and will get life-changing results from strengthening your relationship with your Ego, the intention for our session will always and foremost be LOVE. Only love will make you whole, will heal all parts of you and have you feel at peace and at home here on earth. Only love will create the mutual trust that provides a healthy base for a strong relationship between you and your Ego.

When we create a sacred space for your Ego to feel seen and accepted in, your Ego will show up in whatever shape, feeling and form that is most important for you to see right now! When we have recognized this expression, we use that as a starting-point to deschipher the messages your Ego wants to share with you right now. The messages are always profound, healing and will produce shifts in the way you see and hold all parts of yourself.

Calling home your Ego

You can't love yourself unconditionally if you dont' love all parts of you.

You can't be whole, at peace and solid if you are supressing parts of you.

A country divided cannot stand, and neither can you.

As we have been taught both to fear and dissociate from our Ego's, what we as a society really is doing, is living lives separated from huge parts of ourselves. The Ego has become taboo; The place in ourselves we place anything that's "wrong", "sinful", challenging or painful in ourselves.

We need to call back ALL parts of ourselves. Even the painful, hurt and seemingly dark ones. And for these reasons alone, I believe that connecting with your Ego is of intrinsic value!


Only love will create the light, the healing and diffusion of pain and darkness

that sadly often is connected to Your Ego!


Other reasons to work with your Ego

Your Ego is the gate-keeper of your subconscious mind, and by working with her, she is giving you access to those powerful and larger-than-life parts of your mind and consciousness that you don't normally have access to! Your unconscious defines your outer and upper limits, as it contains your values, beliefs and experiences, and therefore holds all the information your conscious does not have and therefore can do nothing to change or transform. The power in connecting to and understanding your Ego, lies in you having created a backdoor into those 95% of yourself that really is in charge of your life!

In the book Flow, psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi also shows us how the unconscious can process 2,000,000 bits of information per second. The conscious mind – at best – can process 126 bits per second.


You don't know yourself if you don't know your Ego.

You can't fully love yourself if you don't love your Ego.


Being seen for who you truly are - being able to connect, accept and understand this most misunderstood and sadly often repressed part of yourself -is a powerful gift that has the potential of changing your life and view of yourself to a deeper, more powerful level.



Single session

we follow the same ritual as above, but go into both the two main archetypes and their shadows, and allow the Ego to express how it wants to be seen at this time in your life.

3-session journey

we unravel the entire mysterious, radient matrix of your Soul’s expression, life-path and calling by looking at all of the 5 main archetypes and shadows (the other polarity of the same energy) to create a richer and more complex view of the intentions your Soul had for coming her and how it wants to express itself through your life, illuminating the shadows working with the guardian of your life-journey; your Ego!


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I was desperately searching for more clarity on my life-purpose. Working with the shadow of my archetypes in the days after my session was like lifting the mist and seeing a landscape with full clarity! My purpose stood out with certainty, and I could see that it had been there all the time, and my whole life had lead up to this! A very powerful portal to find my purpose.



Single 45 min. session $199

3 x session package $555




the CREDO of the Earth Priestess & Ego-whisperer

You are a powerful, eternal being of LOVE

You chose to have a human experience to expand consciousness towards greater love and wisdom

Everything you go through truly is an incubator and ignitor of love as everything is motivated by a profound longing for more love and expansion

You have everything you need inside yourself

If you are confused, unhappy or feel lost, you simply need to remember who you are! To connect back into all parts of yourself (including your Ego or human soul!) where you will find your own wisdom and source of Love

LOVE is not only he highest of all powers, but in truth the only one

All pain in different forms come from believing and acting from untruths about your Self and life

Therefore pain will vanish and transmute when you start seeing the truth about your Self and life again

Everything that is not of love will vanish in the light of truth.

And the truth is that only love is real, only love has power, only love will last and give true change