Hi there!

Line here, your Ego Whisperer. I noticed that you are cancelling your session…

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I just wanted to make sure that you know that the Signature Ego Whispering Session also is available on a donation basis?

This means you can choose your price and pay the amount you can afford right now. You can also pay a higher price if you feel connecting to this powerful part of yourself is worth so much more.

It’s simply up to you.


Because this is my signature service.

This is the basis for everything I do and every service I have - and I feel it’s of utmost importance for you to be connected to your Ego!

Everything changed in my own life when I got to fully accept, respect and LOVE my Ego. My life transformed dramatically and my bi-polar diagnosis healed as well as my severe depression, exhaustion and anxiety. So this is why I am so passionate about YOU being able to connect to this amazingly resourceful part of yourself. I know this is what everybody needs - including you <3

Do you want to invest in yourself and connect profoundly to your Ego in a beautiful ritual, but the money is stopping you right now? Then please us this button and book your ritual with me today:

The link for booking your ritual directly, will be sent after your donation.