The only word you really need, to manifest what you want

...and which word NOT to use


If you were drawn to this piece, you probably know about energy. That everything is energy. Einstein knew it. Today we are slowly accepting it and owning it too.

Everything is energy. Emotions are energy. Thought patterns are energy. Even physical matter AND situations and happenings are energy and have energy. The "building-blocks" or Lego, if you want, of life as we know it, is energy.

You are, in fact, a interrelating network of energies. All related – all affected. Your energy sums up and tells the story of your whole life and situation. And your energy is what is made physical - or manifested - in your life.

So being able to manifest what you really want, is really only and truly about you saying YES and meaning it.

About you getting your energy into alignment.

About saying YES and owning it.

About saying YES and allowing the Universal laws to work in your favor


Saying yes, is really the only thing you need to do to manifest

The rest is just elaborations. Embroideries and frills. But hen again, you may enjoy them too!


Your energy can't be split!

You can't want something – and doubt it – and get it!

You can't want something - and don't feel you're worth it - and get it!

You can't want something - and think it's too expensive - and get it!

Do you see that? That your thoughts, your emotions and your words can't be divided! Your YES must be undivided, whole and honest.


Because, if you want something and doubt it? You don't feel good

If you want something - and don't feel you're worth it? You don't feel good.

If you want something - and think it's too expensive? You don't feel good either.

"And if you're not feeling good, you're not gonna get what you want!"


Because when you feel good, you are allowing.

When you feel good, you are not resisting.

When you feel good, you’re in a vibrational state where all of your desires are able to flow into your life.


So do this to try it out

You see something you want? Decide to try to say YES. ONLY yes.

Don't judge it. Don't do the why (yet).

Don't say it's too expensive (yet).

Don't go into how to manage to get the money (yet).

Don't question if you're really worth it (yet).

Don't question if it's really worth it (yet)

Try to only hold space for that undivided YES for a week or so? And I know you will get it. What you want.

hell yeah.jpg

The coach I couldn't afford

I had a free coaching session with a coaches coach about a year ago. I enjoyed it, and at the end of the session, she told me how she worked, at what prices, and asked me if I wanted to continue working with her.

Immediately I stalled. Because she charged $600 per session. And I didn't really have any money. So - naturally - I didn't really know what to answer.

I wanted to work with her - but I didn't have the money!

I wanted to work with her - but $600 was SO much money!

I wanted to work with her - but I wasn't sure if it was worth it!

I wanted to work with her - but I wasn't sure if I was worth it!

I wanted to work with her - but I wasn't sure how to get the money.

I wanted to work with her - but I wasn't sure if she was the only, perfect, sound and truly worthy coach for me at this moment.

And you know what?


I decided that all of my butts didn't matter

"But's" I mean. And they are really butts. Because they stop you in what you want! In manifesting your dream life. And that really sucks. Buttholes.

So I decided to go with the YES. I told her YES! I want to work with you! And I held all my horses. Held all my butts under my breath. Decided to be in touch with her in a week, and hung up. Slightly shaken.

Actually I wasn't that invested in this project, so I managed to keep it light. I told myself I had a week - the Universe had a week! So I would let it go and see what happened. And wow, did that feel good!

You know the letting go part? Instead of trying to figure it out - wrestling with it and getting under because you don't really see how you will manage? That sucks too. Gigamounts.


Letting go was so freeing

Not being too invested. Not feeling my life depended on this outcome. So maybe try that too for starters? Do a light-hearted attempt to manifest the money for something you would love to have, but aren't too invested in. Keep it light. Keep it easy. And oh, it didn't take more than two days, and then the money for my coaching session appeared. And then I remembered....I needed to pay for a family-vacation that I had booked too! This was slightly more expensive. Like $1200 more expensive. And like a charm, the money appeared within a week for that as well. I was so thrilled! I felt I was on top of the world. I had really figured this thing out!

Now you go and do it too.

You've got what it takes.


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