The hide and seek of your Higher Self and Ego


Finding your Life-Purpose

One of the most frustrating issues in the life of any healer or intuitive - or any person seeking to fulfill their life on a deeper level - is finding their calling here on earth. The calling from your Soul speaking of the themes and the purpose you chose for this incarnation, is a profound calling constantly whispering to you from the depths of your being. But even if you are eager and ready to find it, your Higher Self and your Ego is using a mutually dependent, perfectly timed release mechanism where they alternately hide and reveal your life's mission in the perfect portions according to your life's progress.

The thing is that your Higher Self and Ego know you will be too scared if you see everything at once. They know that it is not always optimal to have you see everything that you will go through in your life, even the amazing and brilliant parts. So they alternately send out clouds of mist or help you see clearly, making sure that you are going through life at the right speed and experiencing life in the right order.

Your Higher Self has an acutely clear and detailed plan for every part of your life. What you wanted to live before you incarnated on earth, what the true desires and longings of your Soul are. But s/he also knows that it would be counterproductive to show it all to you at once, and therefore is cooperating with you Ego, alternating in showing or hiding your calling according to what your human experience needs at the moment.

This "game" is such a brilliant, complex function of our human life, and nothing you do or say or ask for, will change the timing and progress of it.


It will occur at the destined timing and in a perfect way, and you can always rest assured that even if you are feeling like you are wandering in the mists not having a living clue as to how to find your true calling, know that this is part of the plan, but that it isn't the whole truth.


Parts of you DO know, and everything is always going according to plan. You WILL be clear, and you will some day realize that you are ALREADY walking on the path that IS your life's mission.

Also remember that your life's calling is so much more than what you do for a living; It's about being true to YOU, about finding YOU and calling back and remembering every single part of you that you have expanded and developed during your incarnation journey.

And a part of you, of course, is your Ego, the Guide of your human experience. Have you connected to her yet? If not, I offer my Signature session here, where we create a beautiful ritual connecting you with your powerful Ego in a profound way.


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the universe is slowly making love to me


I am realizing how the universe is slowly making love to me.

Ushering me with the tenderest kisses, covering me in its presence and staying in my nearness making sure my eyes are fixed on theirs while it slowly arouses me dripping little drops of pleasure all over my body. I also realize I have been screaming "Give it to me NOW!!! ALL OF IT!!" While my courtesan lectures have been in full flow in spite of me hardly noticing. 

I fully realize how slow, embodied, tender and powerfully aware lovemaking is how my body and soul wants it, while my mind and fears are screaming faster, faster!! 

I feel pangs of sadness for missing divine drops of honey shimmering on my skin. Jewels dropped by my bedside. The tenderest love-notes left under my pillow and for not savoring my body being fully anointed in longing, lust and perfumed oils. 

I acknowledge how the slow arousing of my senses, the unavoidable building of my lust, the gradual heating of my blood and sensuous awakening of my body is infinitely more exciting than a few throbs of ecstasy! 

And I know that my lover, the Universe, has been waiting for me to come around, to understand the intricate skill and pleasure of surrendering to the now, while I was stressing, pushing and fearing that it would never happen. That there wasn't enough for me. That the gentle strokes and kisses wouldn't lead to any real fulfillment!


But I was starving myself in not receiving it all.

By not touching, holding and tasting every intimate gift I was given. My eyes were unseeingly fixed on the horizon while my lover patiently held me and wanted nothing more than to lavish me with more. More of my hearts desire, more of everything I longed for.


But such is love that it didn't give me what I begged for; only what I longed for. 


That it waited patiently for me to stop, take it all in and languidly , gradually come to my senses. Because even if I was in a frenzy of rushing to the goal, the Universe wasn't. It was taking in every golden, luscious moment of my awakening, of my maturing understanding and throbbing longing. 

So it took me a while.

But at least I know I was seen, savored and acutely watched over by my lover. And that by its perfect adoration, I could learn it too. And that it's never over, never enough and that every ending is a new beginning. That love is a spiral we dance again and again.

Thank you, my beautiful lover, for being so perfectly, acutely what my soul wanted. And for having your way with me every tender and passionate step of the way.


In perfectly imperfect adoration



PS. Did I not mention that this was about abundance? In every aspect? <3