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Anti Goal-setting System

- Backward engineering mentoring package


Work your way backwards to realize:

  • That you are exactly where you should be!
    (even though you often stress about it being quite the opposite!)

  • The themes your Ego & Higher Self is weaving in your life
    (and that you simply may not be aware of!)

  • Exactly where you are right now to:
    - create a rock-solid foundation for your goals!
    - create new goals or align present ones to with the themes of your Higher Self & Ego!


There is such a profound joy, deep grounding and security in knowing and seeing clearly what themes all parts of your Self have woven throughout your life, and therefore also WHAT it is that you are creating right now.

The deep sense of accomplishment, alignment and satisfaction knowing you are right where you should be is just sublime, and something that unfortunately just doesn't happen by default. Wherever you are in your life and wherever you are going;


if you want your life to flow organically with long, vibrant and coherent lines of your Soul's desires, you need to find the clarity, peace and grounding in what already has been to clearly see where you are right now!



The Anti Goal-setting System is helping you do just that.


"I was set free emotionally by releasing the burden that weighed me down so heavily feeling that I "should" have been somewhere else, that I should have reached so many goals I just haven't yet!"

" The sense of joy and clarity from working the
Anti Goal-setting System, was huge! I practically jumped up and down with an enormous sense of accomplishment and pride about my life that only hours prior to the session felt was disconnected, slow and honestly a little embarrassing!"

"Wow. Just wow. I had NO IDEA that what I so wanted in my life was only my mind creating chatter, and that the true and authentic goals my Higher Self had for me, were the ones I was doing all along!!"

"The perspective and certainty I felt after the session was simply life-changing!! THANK YOU for creating the
Anti Goal-setting System!!"



There is a fine line between obsession and passion

And while there definitely is both power and clarity in setting goals, the challenge with being too goal-oriented is that the intention we set can become negatively charged for us if we hold on to it too tightly.

We create resistance.

We obsess about our goal.

We get fearful when they seem to big.

We create resistance when we perceive too many obstacles in our way.

We can even get afraid when we see our own potential brilliance.



In the Anti Goal-setting System Mentoring Package

You get to land in the safety of knowing you are lead.

That you are safe under the guidance of your Higher Self and Guardian of your human journey; Your Ego.

This is not only something you learn with your mind, this is something we very practically decode and unravel from chalking out the big events in your life, your pains, challenges, your highs and victories. They all count, they are all part of that richly and cunningly woven tapestry you have created from the day you were born, and you will gasp when you see the beautiful pattern.

During two separate 45-minute sessions, you are being witnessed and supported by Earth-Priestess and Ego Whisperer Line Neesgaard, as you work your way backwards unraveling, healing, synthesizing your deep experience and wisdom to, among other things, realizing exactly:

  • WHY you have gone through the things you have
  • HOW your Higher Self and Ego has orchestrated the themes of your life perfectly
  • HOW your most painful themes are the ones pointing you towards your glory
  • HOW your Ego has made sure you go through every thing you already planned to before you incarnated on earth
  • WHERE your journey is taking your next

Feel a new sense of total clarity and accomplishment as you realize that you are exactly where you should be!


"A goal hits you, but you can relax into a desire"  Regena Tomashauer aka. Mama Gena

If you are feeling unaligned with where you WISH you were or even think you are SUPPOSED to be in your life, the Anti Goal-setting System is for you!

The the Anti Goal-setting System was something I developed as I discovered that my deep sense of being a failure and never having come far enough in reaching my personal goals, stemmed from me using a false precept of measuring my success.

The next step when I realized this, was finding and starting using the RIGHT or truthful precept for measuring my success. And in Anti Goal-setting System you will see and experience this blatant, but often overseen truth in your own life!


The background

When we decide to incarnate on earth and explore the physical 3D world, we know we can only bring a fraction of who we truly are in to the physical. As our souls are eternal, infinite and united with Oneness / God / Spirit, part of the deal of exploring earth, is using only a small part of who we are.

But forgetting who we really are, remembering only parts of out true nature, is severely painful. When our minds think, speak and act from untruths about ourselves, it creates all kinds of pain and disconnect from ourselves, as well as both physical and emotional pain and sicknesses.

The expansion of consciousness and leading-edge creation here on earth, therefore truly is re-remembering who we are;


Re-discovering ourselves as divine, powerful beings of love.


When we remember, connect and act from that truth, everything turns right again.

Pain diffuses and transmutes and sicknesses heals.

Peace appears and we start seeing through the fog of life and realize everything is exactly as it should be.

We can again see that everything is proceeding according to the Higher plan of ourselves and Love.


This is actually not something new.

All parts of your Self is always steering you in the right direction and providing you with love and support. You have probably connected with different aspects of her/him at several points in your life, and felt that powerful joy and peace you experience when you were aligned. But by continually working in alignment with and listening to your Self, this need not only be a spontaneous occurrence happening to you, but a relationship you consciously can control and LIVE in!


Why I'm so passionate about my Anti Goal-setting System:


  1. It puts me at complete ease from anxiety and stress about achieving & performing

  2. It makes me SEE and discover ALL the goals I've already achieved in my life!

  3. It puts me in a state of jubilation and thankfulness at what I've created so far in my life

  4. It gives me peace, groundedness and empowerment from seeing that I am exactly where I should be in my life and that everything has gone completely ACCORDING TO PLAN!

  5. It instantly puts me to ease from my worries, fears and questions about my own capabilities and places I've gone or done wrong in life!

  6. It makes me realize that my Higher Self is completely in charge – leading me steadily and securely through all the experiences and situations that have led me to live all the things I wanted and needed to

  7. It instantly dissolves Fear of the Future

  8. It puts me in a place of CELEBRATION and EXCITEDNESS because I already am where I so desired to be just a short while ago.

  9. It opens the connection between my dreams and my now as I powerfully find myself in my full, potent, jubilant vortex!

  10. It clearly shows me what themes my Higher Self has been weaving in my life that I was completely unaware of before (I know! Seems unlikely for us intuitive, emotionally aware and conscious beings, right?! I meditate every day, journal, have been through quite a few courses and coaching-sessions, and STILL the Anti Goals-setting System was a complete REVELATION to me!!)

  11. It instantly shows me what my Next Step is, as I'm relaxed, surrendered and in the vortex

  12. It aligns me with the Divine / Higher Self / Love because I both SEE and KNOW that there is a higher plan for my life that has worked out perfectly.

  13. It makes me proud, happy and loving to ME in my life

  14. It makes me feel humble, thankful and grateful for who I am and the life I live

  15. It instantly manifests my dreams because I'm so powerfully in the vortex and because that energy makes me REALIZE that all I need and desire is here for me now!

  16. It instantly provides me with abundance and prosperity as I'm aligned, grounded, thankful and divinely connected with the Power that Creates worlds!



Everything that is not of love will vanish in the light of truth.

And the truth is that only love is real, only Love has power, only love will last and give true change.




(Ordinary price: $699)

Package deal: $599 (save $100)

2 x 45 minute sessions.

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