My story

My main passion throughout my life, has been trying to understand the building-blocks of life; understanding how it's all connected and how I could create the change I wanted. I just knew it was possible, as I was able to create miracles in my life on a regular basis, I just never knew when it would work or when it wouldn't. Also the teacher in me wasn't entirely happy with only creating miracles; I also wanted to know WHY and HOW they worked so that I could teach others to do the same!

The neverending War

From having grown up in a fundamental christian background and delving even deeper into sectarianism and dogma in my early adult years, my quest was truly only about finding truth, as I instinctively knew truth would lead me to freedom and peace. Happiness wasn't even on my agenda yet. I just needed to be my own being and feel ok about it. After I finally completely extricicated myself from religion, I entered my Dark night of the Soul, having thrown everything overboard that I had built my life on and had complete blind faith in for my entire life. It wasn't as much a choice, it was sheer survival-instincts and my profound inner pain that drove me: I just needed to find the light I knew existed, and that I hadn't found where everyone else told me it was!

Slowly and surely, I started building my life entirely and exclusively on what I saw, felt and knew in my heart to be true. Not what anyone else told me. It was a freeing, scary, messy and completely exhilarating process. I had already found freedom,

I finally felt the healing and release from the life-long, draining battle of trying to fit myself into a mold that never fit, of trying to unite two completely impossible opposites!

It was already worth it. At long last I was my own woman.

Everything is Energy

When the Law of Attraction (LOA) came into my life shortly thereafter, all the ideas that had stayed with me as true throughout my life seemed to start fitting together and gelling into a working, luminous whole, making me think "OMG - is this really it?! Have I found the skeleton-key to life?"  Because everything I had personally experienced was now explained, from the physics of the material to the transcendent energies of our thoughts and collective consciousness, even God / the Divine and how our lives unfold according to what we think and intend it to be.

The power and importance of our emotions, was another theme that was pivotal to me understanding, having suffered from depression, anxiety and burnout for extended periods of my life. The Law of Attraction is truly the leading edge of consciousness of mankind, and here I found myself, slap drab in the middle of it, co-creating this brand new reality, this matrix of life. Nothing could be more exciting and fulfilling to me!


God - or me?!

Simultaneously to the exploration and understanding of the concept of LOA and energy, I felt myself curious about and continued exploring my own divinity, as opposed to that divinity we were taught was separate from us, judging and deciding from above what was ultimately our destiny. What was the connection between the image we had created God in and my inner being, and how could I experience that coming home and blissful peace of knowing who I was and where I was going?

During a succession of transformational encounters with my Higher Self and Divine inner child, I experienced, more than understood how the intrinsic, eternal, ever-loving part of Self - my Soul, if you will - was the source of everything I was looking for, and also the key to unlocking the mysteries of existence.

When I opened up and kept the connection to this part of myself, everything made sense; I felt grounded, at peace, experienced bliss, healing and a found the answers to every question I ever had.

The seemingly completely opposites clicked into each other and formed a luminous, beautiful being; I was true woman - true goddess.

I was finally home.


Connecting to your higher Self is all you want

I had finally found it!!  But most importantly; I had peace. I was whole. Every part of myself had come home!! That feeling of bliss and peace - and a lasting one! Not just the occasional ecstasy dependent on external sources - was worth every single second of agony, pain, separation, anxiety and years of desolation. I was a rock, and nothing could shake me in my depths anymore. Ever.

What I found in both the discoveries of my Higher Self and the Law of Attraction, was more than lasting peace and the tools to create a life I desired; It was the confirmation of what my heart had told me was true from the second I was born, but that so many of my life-experiences had proven wrong;

Life is only, truly, profoundly about love, that the universe is loving, supportive and good, and the odds are generously stacked in our favor!

As I learnt how to use this new understanding of energy to create my life and manifest desired outcomes, I realized that what I basically did - and helped others doing, was creating a shortcut to the Vortex. Every. Single. Time. I had felt my way forward and created miracle-conjuring sessions that changed peoples life, but not entirely understanding what it was I did. But now I did. I found the explanation. And the sessions became even more focused and transforming, as I both had the emotional AND mental understanding of what I co-created with my customers:

The vortex is a powerful energetic space in the now where you are connected with your infinite inner being and the power that creates worlds!

The Vortex is where you want to be!

The vortex is alignment between your inner being and infinite love

The Vortex is where all your questions are answered

The Vortex is where your dreams are manifested

The Vortex is where you are connected, fulfilled, blissfully alive and thriving


And I can help you get there, in an easy, joyous and extremely powerful way!

Feel free to book a complimentary Vortex-conjuring session here today!

I can't wait to co-create that vortex with you!

Line Neesgaard